...How did we get here? How do we get anywhere?...

   I found peace staring at the oak across the street. Peace in the sky and peace in the grass beneath my bare feet. Peace within my thoughts for once as beautiful was far too great to let anything negative in.

   I found myself smiling at conversations in the night, found warmth in a compassionate soul connecting to mine. I was alone yet I wasn't because when beautiful hearts and souls share their beauty with you, there's no possibility of feeling alone in the moment.

   Fear likes to knock on the door sometimes as fear can be an intruder of pain and doubts. Fear hinders us, but I choose not to welcome it in. As I've said before, tomorrow is never guaranteed, so I will live each day letting be what will. The "here and now". And although I have hopes and ideas of what the future may hold, I don't live there. Nor do I live in the past, as there's no rewinds or fast forwards in life.

   I know what I want out of life and even though it can be scary, especially love, I choose not to let fear keep me stagnant. If to feel loved only for a short time, then it was worth it. But who knows, maybe it will last and I will be glad I didn't let fear detour me from beautiful. 

   You really don't know what life will bring, you can only travel the journey.

   The days become nights, nights become days, we strive, we fall, we climb again, but we live through it all. We live, we lose, we love, we are loved, our hearts break, our hearts heal. Being human can be painful indeed, but beautiful all the same. It's all in your P.O.V. and how you choose to react to life's challenges.

   Some days are good, some days are bad, some days we're weak, some days we're strong. Life is a journey meant to be traveled.

   So how did we get here?

Sometimes it's good to look back on how and take what we've learned through our trials and errors and our growth as in not to forget where we've come from, what we've conquered and how we plan to move forward in life. 

   How do we get anywhere?

By continuing and not giving up. By truly living life to the fullest as best we can. By not letting our fears and yesterday's pain win and poison our souls. 

   What has your journey in life taught you? Good and bad, because you can't have the good without the bad. Ask yourself truly what has it taught you. 

How have you grown and how has your P.O.V. changed throughout life?

   How do you want to proceed in life? Where do you see yourself at within the next year and where do you want to be in life?

   I know I post similar stuff, but I like to question myself a lot, to try to live the best most positive way I can-to see life as a gift not to be taken for granted. I want to learn from everything and everyone in life because it's not only about growth within ourselves, but understanding each other and what gets everyone through life. Doesn't mean we have to follow another's path from struggles, our path is our own, but we can always learn from each other and listen to each other's P.O V. without judgment and even learn about ourselves through others. 

   Of course we can never know what a year from now holds, but it never hurts to have goals. 

   You can't wait for life to happen, you have to live it, go after what truly matters.

   What's important to you? What are your goals?

   What are you afraid of? How are you going to conquer those fears?

   What's holding you back? What's inspiring you to move forward. 

   Have you taken time out to do something you enjoy?

   What does happiness mean to you? Love? Life?

   ...What are you doing in the here and now?...