Today was busy, but good. I like it when it's busy, not overly busy, but busy enough that it makes the work day go by faster.

   I got to see my good friend yesterday, only for a few minutes as she came to see me at work and gave me a huge hug. I was really happy to see her. Sucks I couldn't of been off work to of gotten to chill with her while she was down visiting the couple of days, but hopefully next time.

   I'm off the next few days, not sure what I'm doing yet, guess I'll see as the days go by🤷‍♀️. 

Probably end up cleaning my apartment, already about done doing my laundry. Probably write tonight since it's late and no plans have come my way. Kinda bored. Think I've scrolled enough social apps for a while, kinda bored of those. Although might TikTok a bit more if my shitty internet allows me and I prop my phone up on the edge of the couch just right, lol. My signal really does suck ass where I live.

   Better hope I never have to call an ambulance one day, I'm imagining clumsy ass self tripping down the stairs, my sciatica acting up and I'd be like those life alert commercials, "I've fallen and I can't get up" wiggling myself across the floor just to get to the edge of the couch for a good signal, lol.


   It's quiet, except I can hear the neighbor's baby crying nextdoor. I remember when my 3 children were babies, geeze, so long ago. I don't miss the crying, lol, but I miss cuddling them and playing with their little fingers and toes...

   ... It's crazy how fast they grow, how the years fly by and they become adults and you're like, what the hell, but it's a beautiful thing. You look at them and you're like, wow...

   And I'll look at them and see myself in them, especially when they say something sarcastic or have a dirty minded joke, lol, I'm like, yep, there I am, right there.

   They're fucking awesome and I love them so very much!

   My youngest is 14, he's starting high school tomorrow, GEEZE, high school. Now he's a character that one, the shit that comes out of his mouth has my jaw dropping and cracking up. I swear he could probably make it as a comedian if he wanted to the way his mind works, lol.

   When he visits or stays the night, he always has me cracking up, lol.

   All 3 of my children have a great sense of humor, they make me smile and laugh.

   For instance, I'm sitting on the couch next to a big penis plush my daughter bought for her friend's birthday, lol. She made a beanie for it naming it Beanie Weenie, lol and has started to make a white scarf for it 👀, lol, yea, I'm sure you can guess why it's white.

It literally has eyes and a smile on the head of it, lol and ever since she got it, the dick jokes haven't stopped, lol and probably won't until she gives it to her friend on her birthday at the end of the month.

   But I can't say nothing, lol, I got my penis cactus and if you're wondering, I posted a pic on my Instagram if you wanna see what I'm talking about and I named it Mr Luva Luva, lol.

   Hell, we just a dirty minded bunch 😊. And my daughter had bought me the cactus cuz I was making jokes about it at work, lol.

   ... Thinking, I've always had names for my plants for some reason, lol. Probably weird, but who cares, plants need love too 😜.

   I had an avacado tree I planted from a seed that started to grow, actually I had 2, the 1st one I had named Wilbur, it died🤷‍♀️. The 2nd one I named Mr Boombastic, lol. 

I had a hibiscus tree I called Lil Dicky cuz when the flowers bloomed, the middle of it where the pollen thingy, (don't judge, I don't know what shit's called), but it looked like a lil dick and probably no one would see that, but leave it to me, I will find the dirty in everything, lol. 

   I planted an apple blossom tree, I named it Freedom, cuz it kinda symbolized what I was working toward in my life at the time. Although trees may be rooted in place, they are free to grow and they are strong. At the time I felt stuck, but I knew and was determined to grow and I knew I was strong enough to do so and I did and now I'm free, free from that part of my life that was a prison.

   That's all I'm gonna say about that, but yea, that tree had meaning.

   ...I'm grateful for my journey. I sure as hell wouldn't want to relive it, but I'm grateful nonetheless because it taught me to be strong, it taught me to be appreciative, to appreciate what really matters in life, appreciate the ones you love and who love you and to take nothing and no one for granted. 

I don't need or want the world, just the ones I love who's in it. Everything else in this world, just items, just physical things that have no other meaning than a want. It contains no love, no true value, nothing that brings joy, true joy, true love. You get what I'm saying. It's the ones you love who love you that is the true value and brings true meaning to life.

   To love and to be loved is a life well lived...

   ...Dryer has stopped, time to go fold and put away my clothes and stop rambling. 

   Tonight, think about what you are grateful for. No matter what bullshit could be going on, just stop and think about what you're grateful for in life. 

We can get so caught up in what's going wrong instead of what's going right a lot of times. We get caught up in work, bills, daily life, that we sometimes forget to just chill for a minute and really think about the good in our lives, the people we love who love us, the clothes we have, the meals we eat when there's so many homeless and people alone suffering in this world. We are truly blessed in so many ways...

   I'm thankful, grateful, I'm blessed...

   Have a good night. And as always, I hope you smile.