Today was good, I enjoyed my day off. I literally did nothing and just relaxed.

   I stayed at my boyfriend's apartment most of the day which I enjoyed cuz it was quiet there and I slept in after he left for work. I woke later and just enjoyed not having to do anything, not being worried about needing to clean my apartment, not feeling suffocated by my apartment because I've just been tired of being in my apartment, even though I'm mostly working, I just don't like being at my apartment lately. I just really enjoyed being at my boyfriend's place. I felt at ease there, more relaxed.

   Came home in the afternoon, showered and did my laundry and now I'm just chillin in my room.

   I probably should be getting some sleep being I have to be up early in the morning and at work to clock in by 5, but I'm awake as usual, lol 🤷‍♀️.

   Some part of me doesn't wanna go to sleep, kinda don't wanna dream. Last night had some disturbing ones, but one really creeped me out and when I woke from it, I was so glad I wasn't alone and I just laid there for a minute and looked over at my love who was peacefully sleeping and I slowly cuddled up to him trying not to wake him and instantly felt his comfort and I was able to go back to sleep.

I pressed my face against his skin and gently wrapped my arm around him and it felt so good, he felt so good and I felt ok, I felt better, safe, comforted, like an instant warmth and ease.

   There's been plenty of nights I've had nightmares and I've woken up next to him and every time all I have to do is cuddle up to him and I'm able to fall back asleep. At home is a different story, I wake up and I'm up. But with him it's like instant comfort and peace.

   He doesn't even realize I don't think, how many times I've woken from nightmares and have been able to fall right back to sleep because of him and his comfort of being with him. He gives me comfort nightmares or not. I love falling asleep next to him, cuddled up to him, feeling the softness and warmth of his skin to mine.

It's the most wonderful beautiful feeling to me.

   The way he makes me feel, just, I can't put into words, but it's incredibly wonderful, like a heaven beyond heaven. God and I love him so so very much! 

   And like I've mentioned before, I've never been one to look too far into the future, but I can see myself growing old with him, I really can, I love him that much and so much more...

   If he was laying next to me right now, the way I'm feeling at the moment thinking about him, I'd reach over and squeeze him to me and just hold him to me for a while and kiss his soft chest where his beautiful heart beats where my heart lives with his beating along to his sweet melody of love. 

And call me a big puddle of mush and corny, but I don't care, I'm proud of it cuz I love this man beyond words and he makes me happy. He is my heaven on earth. My angel. 🥰

   ...Lol, sitting here smiling, so many times when he's kissing me before leaving to work, I just wanna pull him into me and squeeze him to me, kiss him all over and say, "No way, I'm taking you hostage for today, you're mine baby!", lol, but I know he has to get to work so I behave 😜.

   Anyways, here I go again jibber-jabbering on, lol, I really should try to get some sleep, tomorrow's gonna be a long day, long hours more than likely and I gotta be up way early. And I need time for coffee to function properly, lol.

   So goodnight folks.

   Until next time, I hope you smile.