There is grace and beauty in the way the leaves and branches of a tree moves in the a delicate dance of love in the breath of the earth...

   A tenderness in the way the birds fly so effortlessly and smooth in the sky above. And when they fly through the branches of the swaying trees, it's like a shared lover's dance to a song of love.

   I've always been mesmerized by the way nature works, the way nature speaks without words, but more with rhythm.

    As a kid I used to love climbing trees and I'd sit up there for hours, not just cuz no one or anything could touch you up there so high above, but I'd feel hugged and comforted by it. I'd smell the scent of the wood of the trees, listen to the sounds of the fluttering leaves and the chirping birds and smell the scent of the air.

   I'd look down at the world and feel untouchable, safe and watch life move about.

   Sometimes birds would land a few branches over and at times the branches I was sitting on as they eyed me, probably wondering what kind of weird bird I was, lol, or why a human was purched in their tree.

   I'd watch the squirrels zigzag around the trees and up through the branches chasing each other as if it was a sinful yet invigorating play. I'd hear their sounds as they played and climbed close by me, looking at me for a second before continuing their play.

   It's beautiful, it's peaceful and I kinda miss being up high in the trees.

   Lol, don't think I have it in me to climb up high in a tree like when I was a kid anymore, but I enjoy admiring it from the ground...

   The world can be ugly and at times destructive, yet there's so much beauty in it too...

   And ohhh, at night as your up high watching the sun set, the skies changing colors and the night sky taking over full of stars and the moon, it's a beauty all on its own.

   I always loved laying underneath the stars. Haven't done that in a long while. On a clear night if you lay beneath looking at the stars, you catch shooting stars once in a while.

I used to make wishes and as silly as it may sound, I do to this day when I see a star shooting by. I never wished anything for myself, never saw the point in that because even if things weren't good at the time, I felt others could use the wish more. Even if wishing apon a star is just a fun thing and not realistic, I still do it.

   At times, I'll wish for someone I love to smile and for the next day they wake to be good and even though it wasn't the wish on a shooting star that did it, I find happiness when I hear someone I love have a good day and see a smile on their face. It's heartwarming.

   I love smiles, I love to make people smile, especially those I love dearly. It makes me happy.

   I'm not sure what today holds, but I welcome it. And it's already started out wonderful waking up next to the man I love. It's always wonderful waking up next to him and seeing his smile, feeling his warmth. 

   Think I've rambled on enough for now. Time to get up and get moving.

   As always, I hope you smile today.