I guess it's another sleepless night with my eyes heavy yet can't seem to close. Insomnia sucks ass, but it is what it is, I'll work with it.

   Poured a few glasses of wine hoping it would help me relax enough to sleep. Lol, not much help tonight. I'm awake probably for the next 24 hours being work is early morning till evening.

   My mind is crowded with thoughts. I love the night though and I'm somewhat tempted to just drive around for a few hours with the music playing loud. 

   There's just something about a night drive on practically empty roads and music playing. The night is quiet where most folks are asleep, unlike myself and however many other insomniacs out there. 

   The day feels so crowded. Maybe that's why my eyes fail to close, my desire for peace, for empty roads keeps me yearning. 

   My bed is an uncomfortable empty and I find the ceiling boring to look at because I've stared at it so much. Watched the shadows move as the day becomes night and I've watched it move again as night becomes day. If I didn't have neighbors, I'd probably lay outside in the grass and stare up at the sky until the night becomes daylight. 

   You ever watch a sunrise or sunset? I find them beautiful as the colors paint the sky of hues and shades.

It's 3 A.M. and still my eyes feel heavy yet do not close. 

Funny how our minds and bodies work...