So this is my 1st entry in this section. I don't know why I felt like creating another blog page, but I've been thinking about it for a while. 
  I'm not really one to share too much, so no, I won't really go into depths with life, but more as just sharing my thoughts. I think many of us can relate to things at times and at other times not so much, but that's the beauty in our unique human forms. We're different in so many ways yet alike in other ways.
   I'm probably not going to post daily in here, but from time to time when I feel the urge or just want to share.

   My thoughts are endless like the sea, constantly flowing, constantly hitting the shores. I think about many things and am a curious traveler by mind and soul and am curious about many things, nature, people, life...
   For the past couple years I have been doing some serious inner work and making positive changes in my life. I feel as humans we're always changing and regrowing up until the day we take our last breath. 
We live, make mistakes, overcome loss, heartbreak and darkness, yet we become wiser if we choose to look at how far we've come in life and what it took to get where we are. I've learned to cut out toxic people who had no beneficial good for me. And cutting people out doesn't mean they were bad, I mean they could have been, but good or bad, sometimes the right thing to do for yourself is to cut out what doesn't serve you, what doesn't help you grow in a positive way or direction.
The thing is, I have no regrets for all the people I've come across, especially relationships. I will say I was in a very toxic relationship for a long while, but to say I regretted it, no. Why? Because even the bad has shaped me into who I am and so has my kids who have grown into beautiful adults that have been the best thing to come out of a toxic relationship. 
It's easy to let pain and hurt turn us into a darkness we can't see our way out of. Alcohol was a substitute for many years. I wasn't a great person myself or the best I could be. When you're with toxic people, it can pull you back into that familiar comfort of not going forward and you become toxic yourself. 
Also self doubt and fear can play a huge roll in keeping you stagnant, until one day, you've had enough and your want for happiness and positivity overrides that fear and you finally walk through that open door that's been waiting for you. It's all in who you choose to be, who you want to be and the actions you take.
Sometimes it's finding your inner strength along with meeting new people who are honest and true and give you encouragement to really help you move forward.
I've met quite a few lovely people this past year and I've really felt grateful, uplifted and encouraged by them. I always knew I had a light in me, but they saw it too and made me aware so now I feel the light shining brightly.
I'm enjoying freedom, enjoying friendships, love, light and most of all life.
If anything from this post, know that no matter what situation you are in, there is a brighter path ahead, I can guarantee that! 
Let go of all that doesn't serve you or benefit you. Let go of fears and self doubt. Refocus your thoughts from negative to positivity because if you're thinking negative, that's inviting negativity in, but if you're thinking positive then you're inviting positivity in.
Of course you're going to have your days, we all do, so cry if you must, let yourself get out all your emotions then wake up the next day with determination and go after what you want out of life.
Most of all forgive, forgive those who've hurt you, forgive yourself, let go of it all as that will bring you peace within yourself.
There's no guarantees in life, no guarantee tomorrow will be there or 50 years from now, so it's important to life to the fullest as much as possible. Live, laugh, appreciate, be compassionate, share kindness and love towards others and be kind and loving to yourself. Take nothing and no one for granted. Be in the moments, treasure them, treasure the good people in your life. Open yourself freely to those good people as sometimes past hurt can hinder us, cause apprehension and I choose not to let that get in the way. Whether people stay or go, all I want to do is care and love them while they're in my life because even if for a sort time, it matters and beauty in life is essential. You can live with all the money and items, fancy shoes, clothes, homes, cars, etc., but those are nothing of value and are just that, things. The richest soul is not one who owns it all, but one who loves & shares that love with others. Love isn't loving to receive, love is giving without expecting anything in return. So whether friends, family or romantic relationships, I simply am going to love because that's what brings me joy and happiness, to love, to make them feel cared and loved and to bring smiles. There's no life without love, you are just a functional body in a dysfunctional world, but there is love in life and that's what makes life grand, what gives meaning and what life is worth living for...