Today's been a pretty good day. My good friend came down last night and is staying for a few days which is pretty cool.

   We pretty much been going all day which I enjoyed getting out of my apartment for a while and enjoying company and not being bored out of my mind, lol.

   She cooked me a couple homemade meals. Last night red beans and rice and tonight a shrimp pasta with lots of cheese. Both were pretty tasty and I always enjoy a good home cooked meal. You feel the love when someone cooks a home cooked meal, their time and effort and it makes it that much more enjoyable.

   She's fast asleep right now. I'm wide awake, as usual 🤷‍♀️. I'd take a sleeping pill, but I don't like taking them or depending on them to fall asleep. I avoid them unless I feel I need them.

   I miss my love right now... I crave to cuddle up next to him with my arm wrapped around him feeling his warmth and his soft skin. I miss him.

   I got to see him earlier today when me and my friend were at the store and he happened to be there. My heart races at the sight of him as it always does when I lay eyes on him and it felt so good to wrap my arms around him and feel his arms wrap around me in an embrace and kiss his lips and see his smile and hear his voice.

I do, I miss him so much when I'm not with him and in his embrace, I didn't wanna let go. In my head I was like, just a little bit longer.

   God I miss him so much right now...

   I really don't sleep as well when I'm not with him, I just don't 🤷‍♀️.

   And maybe this sounds silly, but when I was out and about today, I found myself looking for his truck, looking for him, hoping to get a glance of him somewhere because I miss his face and it warms my heart to see him.

   I wanted so badly just to caress his face earlier today, but we were in the store, lol. I wanted to feel his cheek against mine, but I was happy to feel his embrace, even if for a moment.

   ... He's just so beautiful...

   And I love him so much.

   I wish I was with him right now...

   I probably should try and sleep, I'm tired, but my eyelids feel like they're glued to my forehead.

   All I want is to be with my love right now...

   And I'm freezing my ass off.

   My daughter likes to keep the AC to arctic settings. If I was a penguin, I'd be good, lol. 🐧

   Maybe that's why I only hear her hamster running on its wheel at night cuz it's probably cold too and is like, "Damn, I gotta hit the big wheel and warm my pudgy ass up."

   I swear the lil bugger runner on that thing like its life's dependent on it, lol.

But you know what's strange, I'll turn on the light cuz I'll wanna see it running and it'll stop, lol. I'm like you lil jerk, let me see you run so I can laugh at how funny you look, but not, it just looks at me like, "Excuse me, human, do you mind?" Lol.

Then I'll turn the lights back off and it'll go back at it, lol.

   I tried holding it the other day and it pissed on me. I was like, "Thanks a lot you nasty lil bugger."

   You should hear it screech when my daughter picks it up sometimes, lol, grumpy lil thang.

Do hamsters get PMS? Lol.

   Maybe she's cranky cuz she ain't got none, lol. Hell, I don't know, animals need love too I guess 🤷‍♀️.

   Ok, this conversation is going in a strange direction. 👀

   I think it's time I stop rambling and try to get some sleep.

   Until next time, I hope you smile.