Today's been an ok day. Didn't go out walking like I'd planned, was a bit lazy and my leg was bothering me, so didn't wanna take the chance of making it worse.

   Swept and mopped my kitchen and living room floors and straightened up a bit, then pretty much just been chillin in my room.

   Last night I got the idea of hauling the TV from my living room upstairs to my bedroom cuz I wanted to fall asleep watching TV. I took a sleeping pill cuz I already felt my mind running and knew I probably wasn't gonna sleep and I just wanted to distract myself with a movie or something in hopes the sleeping pill would kick in and the TV would distract my mind. It helped.

   Don't think I'm up for hauling this damn TV back downstairs though, but I probably will tomorrow after work or Tuesday when the AT&T people are supposed to come and finally fix the wifi.

   Not looking forward to getting up at 4 in the morning. Gotta be at work by 5. I'm not a morning person. Definitely gotta have my coffee, probably a heap load. But caffeine doesn't really do much for me anyhow, I just need coffee. And I'll probably have to pee a lot which is the downside if a lot of coffee, lol.

   Upside of going in early is you get off early. 

   Mmm, craving one of those Java Monster Mocas, they're delicious! I hope they have some tomorrow, they seem to sell out fast.

   Decided to start writing in a physical journal again. Usually I write in a phone journal or on here, but it's been a while since I've physically written bin one. Found a little book, had some stuff written in it, but mostly it's an empty book, so I've written my 2nd entry so far. I think it's better because I did start to get too personal on here like I mentioned a couple of posts ago, even though I was vague, it still felt like some things shouldn't be posted online, so I took it down and reorganized.

   I'll still be posting here, but my physical journal will be for far more personal things.

   The day has went by pretty fast, it already going on 8:30. Was pretty boring, but I guess it's better than being stressed. Didn't feel like a Sunday at all. Just felt like any other off day.

   But it's back to work tomorrow, which is a good thing. Need to keep myself occupied. Can't stand being bored as fuck for more than a day. I'm off Tuesday and Wednesday, Tuesday I have to wait for the wifi person, but as for Wednesday, I might just go into work, I don't know. Wouldn't mind spending a day riding around with my love getting out of my apartment and away from work, but doubt that'll happen, so more than likely, I'll probably just go into work for a while.

   Think I might just end it here for now. Maybe find something to watch, take some Tylenol PM since I ran out of my prescription sleep meds and hopefully I can get some sleep tonight before I have to wake up to the alarm going off at 4. Plus I'm gonna be freezing my ass off getting up with my daughter setting the AC to Artic settings. It's like living in the morgue, I swear you could probably preserve a dead body it's so damn cold and I can't stand the cold.

   Early morning and cold, I'm not gonna be a very happy person waking up, lol. More than likely grumpy and cursing to myself, lol.

   Goodnight people.

   Until next time, I hope you smile.