It's just one of them days I'm feeling down and can't explain why. Don't feel like smiling and being at work having to smile at customers feels like it's draining.
   Work just feels gloomy and I really don't feel like being around having to smile at strangers...
   My nights have been one nightmare after the other. I know they're just dreams, but they are so vivid they feel almost real.
   All I wanna do at night is cuddle into my boyfriend's chest. I hate pillows, they steal his embrace.
   Today's feeling long and I'm so tired of closing. It steals the days.
   It's supposed to rain later. 
   I wish I could shake this feeling of being down. I hate feeling this way. But I know tomorrow's a new day and some days are just down.
   Felt bad for this old lady who had to have an ambulance called. She was unconscious in her car. It's a good thing a customer noticed.
   I wish I could clock out and just leave, but I can't.
   But vacation is coming up, so that's a good thing and I'm looking forward to it.
   I really don't have much else to conversate about so I guess I'll end it here.
   ... Until next time, smile for me...