Have you ever woken up and just felt down for no particular reason, other than you just feel down?

   Nothing happened, yesterday was a good day, I didn't really sleep well though, not really pleasant dreams, but that's nothing new, but I just woke this morning feeling down for some reason.

   It's raining out. Guess it kinda goes with my mood. Just one of those days I guess. It'll pass. 

  Might go walk in it for a while later as it's supposed to rain throughout the day. Just put on some earbuds with some music, or simply just walk listening to the rain while feeling it, either or. Sometimes it's comforting.

   I hate when I feel this way sometimes, when there's no reason behind it, it just hits ya. Maybe I'm just bored and need to find something to occupy my time with, lol. Sometimes I get bored on my days off when I run out of things to do. 

Sometimes I'm cool with just chilling and doing nothing, other times I'm bored as shit and I get restless and aggravated, especially when there's no one else to chill with cuz they have work themselves. 

   I kinda wanna get out and do something today instead of stay in, walk around, look at things instead of being walled in. Not sure what, but guess I'll figure it out.

   Maybe like I said, something as simple as walking in the rain...

   Anything to stop this downer feeling I'm feeling, ick!

My ass gotta find something to do before I go nuts.

   Got back into reading again. Well, listened to an audio book while cleaning yesterday. Haven't read in a long while. Took a long break from books. I like taking breaks for a while cuz I get bored and after a long break it feels refreshing when I come back to reading again. I don't get when people say they push themselves to read, if you don't feel like reading, don't. If I don't like what I'm reading, I'm not gonna waste my time reading the rest of a book, screw that, no offense to the authors and their hard work, but everyone doesn't always like the same thing no matter how many good reviews a book gets.

And I never read reviews before reading a book, I always read the blurb of a book to decide whether I care to read a book or not. And the only time I'll read books without knowing anything about it is if my author friends online publish a book, I happily want to support them as well as my online friend who loves to read mentions a book she loves, I'll give it a shot cuz she has good taste and kindly sends me books quite often. 

   I still love writing, still plan on publishing a book one of these days, I just haven't had the mindset lately and I have my interest in starting a side business in something else at the moment that I enjoy, but I'll come back to finishing a book soon enough when I'm ready.

    I've jibber-jabbered enough here. Time to get off my ass and do something.

   As always, I hope you smile today.