Today's been ok, cleaned up my apartment a bit, but not much else. Kinda been lazy. Bored mostly. It's back to work tomorrow.

   Usually a have a set schedule for the next couple of weeks out, but lately it's been a day or two before last minute, even the night before of knowing what schedule I'm working for the next coming week which I hate last minute shit, I like to know what I'm doing.

   Ordered Chinese food, not sure I really care for it though. Although you bet your sweet ass the ragoons will be chowed upon, lol. Mainly just wanted something different from burgers and pizza.

   Neighbors were in their fuck yous and bitches arguments earlier outside, always"fun" to hear 🙄. Glad they finally calmed down. 

Sometimes people argue over the stupidest shit.

   Funny, I have a tv in my room, but I just haven't felt like watching it, haven't felt like listening to music, haven't really felt like anything today. Just a blah day I guess.

   Eh 🤷‍♀️, tomorrow's a new day. Hopefully work won't be as nuts as it's been the past few days. Can't believe a coworker of mine told me she saw a girl tryna take a piss in one of the isles when the bathroom was just a few feet away. People are nuts!

   I didn't sleep much last night. Actually didn't fall asleep till around 5 this morning. I drove around in my daughter's car for a while. Haven't just drove like that in a while.

I wasn't sad or upset about anything, I just wanted to drive, just feel the road where there wasn't any cars crowding it. I wanted to take in the night....

   I wanted to chill at the park under the willows by the lake, haven't done that in a while either, but hell to the naw when it's cold. I freeze enough at my apartment at night, no thanks.

   Hell, I'm sitting here now feeling cold. Might just go turn on the heater for a bit while my daughter's gone, lol, GIVE ME WARMTH! 

   ...It is done. Lol, she'll come home complaining it's hot. Maybe I'll be a goof and go find a couple of branches outside, bring it in, talk with a weird accent and say, "I challenge thee child of ice to a duel! Said heater is mine!"

   Lol, stupid. And I could picture her face now looking at me with that look on her face of how strange of a mother I am, lol.

    Oh I admit it, I'm strange indeed, but I have no shame, lol 😜. I'm just weird.🤷‍♀️

   Ahh, she can have her morgue-like cold temps tonight, I'm gonna enjoy the warmth while I can.

   I can't believe it's already November, damn, Thanksgiving is in a couple weeks. I usually cook a big meal, but I'm feeling sluggish on it this year. I kinda don't feel like it, and I'd like to take a year off and someone else do the cooking. 

Sounds kinda shitty I guess, I don't know cuz I'm always the one cooking every year to make it nice for my kids.

   Last year my boyfriend helped and it was nice finally not cooking everything by myself and just having him with me cooking together.

   I guess we'll see how things go this year.

   I'm missing him right now, but I think he's needing some him time and I want him to relax and have that. 

   Guess tonight I'm just gonna chill and find something to watch. I started watching a show a bit ago called, The 4400, it's pretty interesting so far. I'm curious what's gonna happen next.

   Definitely really wanna watch the new show, Army of Theives, I think it's called, a spinoff from The Army of the Dead which was a good movie. But I don't wanna watch it just yet cuz I want to watch it together with my boyfriend. Hopefully he hasn't started watching it without me yet, lol.


   Food was alright. I was right though, didn't really care for it. 

   Heater was nice while it lasted. My daughter has the AC on now, yet it's 59 degrees out 😑. I hate the cold...

   She jokes saying she's gonna buy me a heater for my room, but thinking she's serious after she sent me a pic earlier today saying work got some in and how bout that one for my room. I don't want one in my room, lol, my room's small and crowded as is, plus knowing my clumsy ass, I'd trip over it trying to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, lol. Told her no thanks.

   Got my tv on, but pretty much just letting the theme wallpaper or whatever you call it run. It's got some nice pics on it, thunderstorms, lightning, mountains, clouds. Just feeling meh tonight. Don't really care to watch TV I guess...

   Kinda feel like going for another drive, get out of this apartment, but then again, I don't wanna drive my daughter's car too much with it having issues lately. So I'll chill here. Maybe take some Tylenol PM and hope it makes me sleepy enough to sleep. Doubt it, but if not, maybe I'll just write for a while and just put something on tv for the hell of it. 🤷‍♀️

   Think I've had enough talking for the day. I don't really feel like talking anymore.

   Until next time, I hope you smile...