At times I wish I could shut my mind off. It constantly runs on thoughts throughout the night, sometimes just random dumb things, sometimes just to do things, then life things, etc...

   Last night it felt like my mind was on full speed, more than it's hamster wheel, more like two squirrels fighting over an acorn and I kept tossing and turning, getting up, walking outside for some night air, scrolling my phone, tossing and turning until finally I fell asleep into some very unpleasant dreams.

   I dreamt of death, vivid dreams, blood, pain, it felt too real and I woke not caring to go back to sleep. 

   I hate dreams like that, especially when they're so vivid...

   My head's been pounding past few days, probably need more sleep, but I got errands to run today and sleep can fuck off cuz I don't wanna dream for a while.

   I'm glad I'm off work today, I'm so not in the mood to deal with people, to smile, to say hello, or especially to deal with anyone's bullshit which with the supposed storm approaching in the gulf, work will be busier than usual and customers will probably be hyper. 

   Last year when a storm was supposed to come, a couple customers broke out into a fight over stupidity, they were "fun" to deal with 😐. 

People will fight over the stupidest things and argue over the stupidest shit. 🤷‍♀️

   It's back to work tomorrow and I'm not looking forward to it cuz like I said, it's going to be busier than usual.

   Hopefully this nagging headache will be gone by then.

   Not really looking forward to getting out today, especially Walmart to pick up some things. That place will be packed like sardines no doubt and I'm just feeling drained as it is. I don't wanna be around a bunch of people. But, my baby girl needs some stuff, and I'm gonna go get it for her.

   Lol, she's 24 and hates when I call her, my baby girl, but she'll always be my baby girl even when she turns 80.

   We always joke since I had her so young, at 15, that we gonna grow old together and be in turbo scooters rolling down the block racing with boomboxes terrorizing the neighborhoods 🤣🤣🤣, some badass old ladies, lol! 

   I'm holding her to that. 😊

   I probably should stop jibber-jabbering and get off my ass and get shit done. Especially before it rains today. 

   I usually say I love the rain, but lately, I haven't been liking it at all and I wish it would just fuck off for a long while.

   Anyways, until next time, I hope you smile...