Sun is up, definitely looking hot af out, but it's mid August, so it's expected.

   I slept good last night, of course cuddled up next to the comfort of my love 🥰 and waking up to him is always wonderful and makes my mornings wonderful.

   Those Folgers commercials are wrong, although coffee is one of the best parts of waking up, a good cup of coffee, mmm, nah, for me, the best part of waking up is next to my love 🥰, seeing his smile and a good morning kiss 🥰🥰🥰, melts me.

   Chilling before work, closing shift of course, ugh, hate closing, always feels long, but hopefully the day goes good and goes fast and the customers are chill and in a good mood. 

   Planning on seeing if there's any other positions I can apply for since the other one didn't work out. Not sure on what chances I have, but like I mentioned in my last post, I'm not one to give up and I'm gonna figure something out instead of staying stuck where I'm at.

I'll get ahead one way or another...

   My sons came to visit last night, I enjoyed it and my daughter and my sons enjoyed some laughter and of course, they are my spawn, no shortage of dirty jokes, especially dick jokes since my daughter still has the dick plush she bought for her friend's birthday that's at the end of this month. She made a beanie for it calling it beanie weenie, lol and I joked a while ago saying all she needed was a white scarf for spermage appeal and you guessed it, she made it 🤣 and we all laughed about it last night and my older son was looking up other weird stuff on his phone out of curiosity and of course, I'm not surprised, lol.

   I made my younger son a bracelet as well as my daughter and planning on making my older son one tomorrow on my day off now that he's chosen the colors he wants. Also made my love one. I enjoy making them, especially for those I love.

I also made a couple for my friend before she left while she was visiting.

   I've never been to a craft store, but kinda wanna go to see what they got cuz I'd like to get some beads and string to make different kinds of bracelets for fun or hobby, whatever, just to occupy my mind when I'm bored or don't wanna think. 

   I wanted to make candles, but that's too expensive to do, so that kinda fell out there, but making bracelets doesn't cost that much and it's enjoyable.

   I kinda want to make some and keep them and maybe give them to someone if I see them maybe having a hard day, like a coworker or something, I don't know.

   There's a coworker named Ms Julie I really like, she's feisty, but sweet. She's a tiny thing, but don't underestimate her, she'll tell it like it is, lol. Definitely gonna make her one.

   The issues I ran into at work, I won't be able to help customers like I used to and I enjoyed doing that, I enjoyed when some of the customers would smile at me and tell me how I made their day, some of them would almost be in tears which would catch me off guard and almost make me cry. I don't know if I should even be talking about this here, but I'm just sitting here before work and I'm thinking about it. Even though I'd get shit days, deal with assholes, I'd get those people who'd come in and even though I was just doing my job, doing my job helped them and it made me feel good cuz I would do a little extra here and there for people when I thought they needed it and it makes me happy when I can make people smile or make someone's day better and to go into work today and know I can't do that anymore, bums me out. If people are kind, I like to be kind, especially if someone could use a smile...

   But, it is what it is and I'm not gonna talk about it anymore, yesterday is gone and today is today...

   I may feel like a slug going into work today, but I'm keeping a positive mindset 👍.

   Until next, I hope you smile...