The simplest things are the most grand, the most beautiful. The more I experience life, the more I am grateful for every little thing. You have to be. You can't live life in dismiss, if that's the right word to say. It's so easy to let our focus go onto what we don't have, but it's important to refocus on what we do have and what's even more important is, it's not of what we do have in "things", but in what we have in people, within ourselves, love and compassion not just for others, but for ourselves too.

   You ever just stare up at the ceiling in a quiet room and just be grateful you're breathing? Indeed, the mind has a force to take over, but sometimes just focusing on your own breathing mutes it, or more like turns the volume down a bit. 

   Or have you ever stared into someone's eyes and just feel a sense of peace and appreciation? So simple yet so grand. Like a smile and a touch. Like laughter and joy. That's the beauty in this world we should be focusing on. 

   Ask yourself each day, "What am I grateful for?", and write it down. Revisit what you've written in a week, then a month and then a year and you'll see how much beauty has touched your life.

   Even if the day wasn't good, maybe even a bad day, still, choose something to be grateful for. Maybe something as small as a cup of coffee or your favorite food. Maybe the rain or the sun. Just anything. 

   We've all had days that have torn us apart to where we could barely breathe, but those times are when it's most important to find something to be grateful for.

   And never sacrifice your happiness for someone else.

   We give because it feels good to, it feels right and we're compassionate towards others and want to brighten their world as well as keep them from pain. But, sometimes we have to look to ourselves and make sure we're being thoughtful, caring and compassionate towards ourselves, because we're just as important. It's never selfish putting yourself first. Let me rephrase that, it's never selfish to put yourself worth first. What we allow others to do to us is what will continue. It's a cycle that is endless and it's not good for anyone, yourself or the people around you if neither person is beneficial to the other in lifting each other up.

   I think we can hinder ourselves because we give so much ourselves. And there's nothing wrong in being a giving person, but if your giving so much away that it drains you, eventually you'll have nothing left to give. Those who truly care and love you will never take more than you have to give. If anything they will evenly give back or more without thought, without strings. Those who love and care for you will do anything to see you smile, hold you up when your down, empower you, encourage you and want your happiness above all else.

   Never sacrifice yourself or your self worth for anyone, not even the closest people in your life. Life is too short and too valuable to prolong a cycle that is unhealthy for your inner being. I've learned that the hard way and I'm at the point in life where I will love and care deeply, but I will love and care from a distance if need be and if I have to, kindly tell people farewell and I wish them well, but we are bringing each other down more than lifting each other up. 

   It's not easy, god it's not easy letting people you care about go because you feel incredibly guilty and don't want to hurt them, but truth and the fact of the matter is, you're hurting each other more staying in each other's lives than you do parting ways. I did that with a family member. Hardest thing, but not everyone is meant to stay in your life. Sometimes people are only meant to visit, but not stay. Especially if the growth and compassion for one another's well being is gone. 

   It's important to look towards the positive in each day and treasure life, appreciate life, love and care for others, but never leave yourself out or behind. Surround yourself with good people, the people who will build you up, inspire you and encourage you to be the best person you can be, people who won't try to change you, but support you in your growth throughout life. Time is of the essence, don't waste it away with unkind people. You are worth more than you realize. There's beauty in this world and everyone is meant for something beautiful as long as you're kind and compassionate towards others. 

   Be kind, be yourself, share love and compassion towards others, but take no one's bullshit either...