Just when you think things aren't gonna work out, everything falls into place at the last minute. It takes you by surprise and you feel the weight lifted. 

   I'm happy, I'm truly happy and filled with so much love. And I'm so very thankful, grateful, appreciative. 

   As I've always said, hope is a lifeboat and even though hope was slipping like the waves of the ocean crashing in and over the sailing boat, almost certain the waters would take you under, the waters of the ocean calms, the dark clouds descend and the sun peeks through and blue skies emerge.

   Although there will always be troubles in the world as that is life and we are meant to grow and overcome them, at this moment in time, I feel at ease, at peace as the shores have welcomed my boat of life to come ashore and admire its beauty.

   I've said it before and I'll say it again, there is no life without love and without love, life is meaningless. I found love within the center of a chaotic world full of darkness, greed, hate, selfishness and risen egos. The dullness of the world has lifted into vibrant colors of beauty and grace that no matter how cold the world can be, love warms even the most frozen part of the earth. And no matter how cruel and heartless the world can be, I found heaven that has touched my heart and soul and lifts me high above the clouds, above it all.

   I've always said that when I love, I love hard, deeply and I do. I used to think it was partly a curse because pain would always be soon to follow. But now, I don't feel that way anymore for love is heaven, it is grand and beautiful. I love and I am loved. That's all I care for or want in life, nothing else matters. Things are just things, a place is just a place, but love is a home, a home I cherish, a home my heart wants to live, a home that is a heaven on earth. 

   I found home, or should I say home found me when I wasn't looking and when I least expected it. I love, I am in love, I am home and there's no place I'd rather be...

   I smile for no reason and for reasons. And when my days are hard and raging storms begin, his love, his smile brings me comfort, brings me peace, lifts me up, gives me strength and makes me feel I can conquer the world.

   He asks for nothing of me than my truth and honesty as I of him. I am me and he is him, open and free to be as we are. 

   I look into his earth eyes and get lost yet found all at once. He takes my breath away yet gives it back all at the same time. I'll caress his handsome face into my palms, feel his breath, admire his beautiful smile and feel his embrace and I feel a home I've never felt before. To me he is an angel, my angel and I get the honor and grace to touch him, to love him and to feel his love. 

He is my moon, bold, strong, beautiful, shines through the darkest nights. He is my oak, strong, resilient, weathered the biggest most destructive storms yet he still stands, his branches of grace and beauty dancing with the winds, kissing the sky. His heart and mind and soul angelic, beautiful, words could never describe because there are no words that were created for such beauty, such a heaven as him.

   He could tell me the skies were purple and the trees were blue and I would believe him because he's honest and true, lovely in every way.

   I do not fear heartbreak if it should lay upon my future, be it so if it shall come to pass; I will continue to love with everything in me, with all of me. All of me loves him...

   And as I breathe him in, hold him close, feel his embrace and look upon his smile, I will appreciate every moment, cherish it and never take it or him for granted.

   He is a beauty amongst this earth, a heaven that shines within as without.

   Today a smile does not only take form on my lips, but in my heart as it has been since love grew like a beautiful vine of flowers that continues to grow...

   ...I hope you smile today...

   And if you can't seem to find it today, look around, love isn't just in a lover, but in those you love who love you.

Love isn't a place, love isn't in things, but in the hearts we hold dear to our heart...