Today has been nuts so far. It's Sunday, I figured it'd be an overly busy start, but didn't help the malfunctioning of multiple registers and getting yelled at by multiple customers. People can be straight up assholes.😑

   I just suddenly laughed to myself thinking about the TikTok video my boyfriend shared about wouldn't bleaching your asshole be considered changing your ringtone 🤣. Why the fuck people would wanna bleach their assholes beats me, that's weird, lol.

   Is there a bleach for assholes where if you throw it on them like holy water it'll bleach the asshole out of them? Lol, if only...

   It's cold out, I hate the cold. Not looking forward to winter.

   Too bad it couldn't just stay in the low to mid 70's year round.

   I don't mind a little chill, I like wearing sweaters, more as I like hoodies, but I wanna be comfortable and warm, not jitterbuggin across the floor, lol, or looking like I have tourettes.

   Meh, lunch break is over, time to go back in and get my shift over with. Hopefully the evening will have some smiles and laughter. I could use it after today.

   Until next time, I hope you smile...