It's those days that feel like they drag, like a snail slowly inching along. But on the positive, having a cool goofy coworker makes the day better. Makes the day pass a little faster being goofy along with my coworker. I appreciate how awesome she is. I appreciate all the awesome people currently in my life.
   Lunch time is usually nice, like today, I always enjoy spending it outdoors, under the trees and sky. I enjoy finding shapes in the clouds. Looking up at what looks like a whale leaping from the water. And like all clouds, its shape will change into something else or be just a blur of white.
   I love the sound of the breeze through the trees, the leaves fluttering and a crow cawing overhead. Its simplicity is beautiful, peaceful and I appreciate it.
   I think we humans take the little things for granted at times. We're so caught up in electronics, fashion, items, things of no value other than to claim to own it, like a name brand shoe or car, etc.. We work to pay bills, then sleep and repeat. Kinda sucks if you think about it. Spending our whole lives working for vanity. Though money is needed for living, I think we buy things we really don't need and we're all guilty of it.
   Don't you ever just think about getting old and sitting on the front porch and wondering where life went? I don't want to be that person who hasn't really lived. I don't need or care for items or "things", I care for friendship, love and companionship. I want to be that old fart who's laughed more than I've cried, loved hard and been loved hard, felt true loyalty in friendship and love. I want what matters. I mean, I could live in a box and if I had love, friendship and family, I would be the richest person in the world. A lovely person in my life says to me, "I don't want it all, just a little bit", and I find it beautiful because I see truly what it means, you just want to be a part of something beautiful and don't need it all to find the joy. That's how I feel about life, I don't need or want it all, but I want to give it all because that brings me joy.
   Define happiness. No, I won't type it here because it's up to each individual to define the meaning for themselves. But, if you look beyond the world's vanity, negativity and chaos and stop to appreciate the little things and the people in your life, you're on the right track.