Today's been busy as fuck. Finally getting a chance to get a break on my lunch. I'm enjoying my new position so far though and although I'm still at a register to help manage the long lines from time to time, I'm not constantly on them and can do other things which it gets boring doing the same thing all the time, plus doing other things gives me a bit of a break from dealing with customers.
   Didn't sleep hardly any last night. Yep, mind running again. But got a text from my mom, she was feeling down, but also she told me my grandma was in the hospital with a bad intestinal infection and pneumonia and she wasn't doing well.
   My "family" and I quote it cuz to me blood doesn't make a family, love does, and my "family" lacks that.
   I won't go into it, but it's like polluted waters that was once clean. 
   Maybe weird analogy, but when I was a kid I was close to my aunt and grandma, but as an adult through the years and events, things changed. But like I said, I'm not gonna go into it.
   I really don't know how I feel about it. She's old, of course I love her, but I'm not close to her like when I was a kid. Certainly nowhere near close to how I was with my Papaw. When he passed, it crushed me.
   I think the sad part is how things turned out, but life will be what it will be, people will be who they choose and the actions we choose to take are ours of our own. If that makes sense...
   Like I said, I really don't know how I feel. My mind's all over the place. To be honest, I'm glad it's a busy day cuz I want to be distracted from my thoughts for a while.
   Don't know what I'm doing after work. I'm hoping my boyfriend won't be too tired this evening and invite me to stay at his place tonight to enjoy his company, to enjoy his comfort, to enjoy his smile and embrace. But we'll see what tonight holds.
If he's tired after his long day, I want him to get his rest and relax, tomorrow's a new day...
   Damn it's hot out. Mother Nature's menopausal whiplash, cold one minute, hot the next. 
   C'mon give me a breeze, weather...
   Well, lunch time is about up, time I stop chitchatting and go back in.
   Until next time, I hope you smile...