Mmm, coffee ☕... Gotta have the coffee in the morning.

   Past couple of days have been good. Yesterday was really good 🥰.

   Sitting in my thoughts this morning before work enjoying a cup of coffee. I'm scheduled for the area I loathe, 😩, but hopefully I can get put somewhere else and if not, either way it be a good day and the day will go by fast.

   Only got a couple hours of sleep. Couldn't sleep and had a couple of nightmares. Just wasn't a peaceful night's sleep. And waking up to take my daughter to work, she looked at me like, "you sure you're ok to drive?", Lol, must'f looked like shit. Although I was looking at her with one eye closed, one eye opened, lol.

   I'm already ready for the day to be over with to be honest, I'm tired and coffee doesn't perk me up, it just makes me have to pee a lot.

   I'm not in the mood for people. It's the feeling of, it's too peoplely out there, lol, too crowded and you feel like you're being smothered and you don't feel like talking to no one, but you have to cuz it's your job in customer service.

   I wanna sleep, but I'd probably lay down ready to sleep, but my eyeballs would be wide open staring at the ceiling.

   I just hope the day goes well and the customers are in a good mood today. It makes the day go better when the customers are pleasant and kind.

   There was a customer yesterday that literally got onto my coworker for pulling down her mask just to take a sip of water. We were like, really lady, lol. 

   Had a couple customers yesterday complaining to me that I should be back there watering the plants that the plants were dying and I told them that I didn't work that department, but they kept on like they wanted to argue, lol, so I let them 🤷‍♀️. I'm not about to argue back about something as dumb as watering plants, lol, I just laugh at people sometimes how serious they take things. Not in their faces, but behind the mask, lol. Admittedly, sometimes I'm happy for the mask cuz when some of those really rude asshole customers come in, I'll literally be cursing my ass off behind the mask, lol, cuz really, some of these people can be nuts.

But there's some really sweet customers as well.

   Anyways, enough chattering, time to get ready for work.

   Until next time, as always, I hope you smile...