Other than the annoying mosquitos, it's a peaceful night out.

   The moon is barely visible, a tiny slit in the sky, or what my Papaw used to call, "God's fingernail" because it literally looks like the tip of a giant fingernail.

   I think about him a lot. I miss him, but I don't, if that makes sense. More as I miss being able to talk to him in person, seeing his smile and hearing his laughter. And he was the only person out of my family that ever really called to check up on me without wanting anything, he just wanted to talk to me. I miss that...

   I don't really have that many good memories as a child, but my Papaw was amongst the great memories. I'm grateful...

   But you don't count the bad memories, you count the good. The bad are just that, it happened, nothing you can do about it, but the good, you carry that with you and you smile and appreciate those moments you were so blessed to of had.

   Life's a rollercoaster, we're all on that ride, some of us have more tips and turns, but we make it through as long as we continue to try and not give up and appreciate the journey. 

   From childhood to now? Hell, it's been beyond hell, but I'm grateful. Why? Because I'm here, I survived and it's not only made me who I am, but it's truly made me appreciate life, appreciate the little things and appreciate the good and beautiful people in my life who I love and adore. I could care less for material things, for without love, material things are meaningless, life is meaningless, love is life. At least that's the way I see and feel about it.

   I'm not rich in money, I'm not popular in tons of friends or have a huge family, but I'm am so incredibly rich in love, incredibly rich in the family I have and the friends I do have that I need or want for nothing else in life. I'm happy.

   And no matter what struggles come my way, I know I've got it because love makes me strong and I'm a fighter to the end...

   ...Oh these damn mosquitos are biting my butt, they are a pain in the ass, I'm about to go Bruce Lee on their ass! I guess I should stop rambling on, as I'm all good at doing and go inside and try to sleep.

   Goodnight, or good morning? world, I hope u smile today.