Today's been an ok day. Off today and tomorrow. Haven't had a 2 day weekend off in a long while. Can't remember the last time I had a Sunday off.

   Not sure what I'm doing tomorrow yet. Everyone else has plans. Even though I'm off, somewhat thinking of going into work. Kinda don't feel as welcomed at home tonight at the moment and whatever's going on tomorrow and don't really feel like looking at the walls of my room, lol. 

   I should invest in a TV for my room.

   My younger son is leaving for Mexico tomorrow for a week and my older son is leaving for Texas for a few days or a week, not sure yet.

   My daughter's been chillin with her friends and my love is visiting his children, so I'm left with no plans and where I live there's not really anything to do, lol.

   Might just end up going to work πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ. We'll see. Or might get out and go for a walk now that the weather is a bit cooler. If my leg and back doesn't bother me and I'm not lazy, lol.

   Maybe I'll just turn my phone off to keep the temptation from scrolling TikTok and Instagram and such and just take a journal and just write. With everyone busy enjoying their day which I'm happy they'll be enjoying their day, they won't be thinking of messaging me, so I'll just keep it off for a while I guess until I walk back home.

   Funny how we've become so accustomed to our phones when not long ago, ok well maybe it's been some time ago, we used to go about our days without a phone, a text, social media, any of that.

   Now you wouldn't even think about leaving anywhere without it...

   Hell, entertainment back then was watching the pavement crack, walking around *coughs* getting into *cough-cough*πŸ‘€ trouble, lol my bad, I was young and stupid, lol, but you'd see the neighbors fight, watch, the old man who used to ride his bike down the street with a fucked up afro with a bald spot on the side always with a joint in his mouth and a crushed half drunk beer can in one hand humming some weird tune, but he was the nicest old man, lol, but always got into the neighborhood kids about being bad and we all gonna do time like he did. We'd laugh, but looking back now, he was a pretty cool old dude.

   Sadly he got shot during a shootout between two gangs down the end of the street fighting. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time riding his bike. People are really fucked up.

   What's even more fucked up is how everyone just left him laying there to bleed on the street and drove off in their cars.

   I've seen some sad fucked up shit, but so has many people in this world. Many who lived through it, many who are living through it.

  But, think it's time to steer the chatter from that, it's sad to think about stuff like that and I don't want my mind going there. It sometimes does though. I'll think about good people or people who've crossed my life, like that old man who said some wise things that as a kid, you don't really think about it, but as an adult, you're like, man, that person really was a pretty knowledgeable person and I should of listened, etc., and a lot of those people have either been murdered or drug OD'd, lost their lives in some way or another. So it's hard for my mind not to go there sometimes thinking about those people. But I think somehow at some point we incorporate their wisdom sometimes. We understand it...

   Didn't mention his name, we all used to call him Puffy cuz he was always puffin away on a joint, lol, but his real name was Pete. He liked Puffy and once one of my friend's little sister had a name sticker on her shirt from school and Puffy said hello to her and she laughed telling him he read her name tag. And she said he needed one cuz he was nice and everyone should know his name, so she took a piece of paper, wrote his name and got some tape and taped it to his shirt. He wore it on his shirt for the longest time and he'd ride by on his bike and show her he was still wearing it and she'd smile. My friends would laugh saying they couldn't believe he was still wearing it, but I thought it was cool of him.

   ...Might just keep my day off tomorrow and go for a walk with a journal...

   I could use the hours at work, better than being bored at home, but it's been stressful lately and I'm due at 5:15 Monday, so probably should just keep my off day. Plus no telling when I'll get another Sunday off.

   But, honestly, even though I'm off tomorrow as well as everyone else, them being busy just makes this Sunday off feel like any other day off. But, I'm happy that everyone will be having a great day full of smiles and laughter. With all the stress they all deal with from work, long hours, lack of sleep, no time for themselves, I'm happy they're all getting a day to enjoy away from work and with either their friends or the people they love. ☺️

   Think I'm gonna say goodnight. I've chattered long enough.

   Until next time, I hope you smile...