This morning I watched the sky change from night to day. The colors some days are more vibrant than others. Kind of like us, our vibrancy changes like the hues of the sky. But, it's kind of beautiful if you think about it. We're always changing, shifting.

   No doubt my thoughts were running again, but when aren't they. Some nights sleep is an enemy and some nights nightmares like to play. It is what it it.

   As I sit listening to the earth and its occupants wake, watch the trees and the sky continue to change, I appreciate the simplicity of drinking my coffee before the work day starts.

   I don't know what today will bring, hopefully better than my night, but no one ever knows what the day will bring. Mysteries are good sometimes though. All I know is I strive for positivity and hopefully make people smile.

   I want or need nothing in this world other than for those I love and care about to smile as well as strangers who could use some lifting up. 

   You really don't know how our actions and words can affect people. Something so simple as a smile or hello or an I'm thinking of you could make a person's day better. That's why it's always important to be kind and thoughtful towards others and of course yourself too.

   No matter what the day brings, bad or good, look for the positive and be kind. If the bad shows up, react to it in a positive way because negative never solves anything and can make situations worse. 

   What are you grateful for today? What inspires you?

What do you want out of life? What's your goals? What brings you joy? What actions are you taking? 

   Ask these each day to yourself.