...Progression, the art of moving forward...

   Baby steps taken end up to become big steps in the long run. 

   Finally a call to an appointment I've been waiting for for the positive progression in my life. I've been patient yet persistent to get shit done. You have to be in life with whatever it is. You can't rush, but you can't sit around either.

   I feel like all areas of my life are heading towards a brighter path, I just feel it. Although sometimes I can get discouraged, we're only human, we feel, we overthink, fear knocks and sometimes pushes it's way in, but then you take control and tell fear to bugger off.

   I'm not afraid of losing and falling on my face, but I am afraid of failing because I didn't try.

   That's the thing, people easily say they failed or are a failure because something didn't go right or as planned, when truth is, you are never a failure as long as you tried. There's just roadblocks in areas of life that are meant to detour us onto a different path and maybe even a better path we didn't expect or plan for.

   I know I've mentioned it in other posts, but I'm grateful for the journey and where I've been lead. I wouldn't change anything nor regret anything. Like in the last post, there's no rewinds or fast forwarding, it's just in the present moments. 

   I don't know what tomorrow will bring, but I'm done trying to figure it out. I just want to live, love and be loved and bring smiles while smiling myself. Simple is all I need. But the simplest moments can be the grandest.

   ...Let be what will be...

I hope whoever reads this finds beauty, kindness, love and gratitude in their day and smiles today.