Summer heat sucks gnarly ass. There's two things I don't like, the heat and the cold. I like Spring when the flowers start to bloom and it's cool out, but I think my favorite season is Autumn. I love the feeling of the breeze and although you can't see it in the south, I love the vibrant colors of autumn leaves. I've seen it as a young kid when I lived in Tennessee, but I don't remember it clearly. 
   I love trees, willow being my favorite and then oak and I love Spanish moss trees as there's a majestic mysteriousness to them, like they've seen the depths of life; like wisdom in a sense. Kinda weird, but I just like to think of it that way.
   I used to love climbing trees as a kid. I'd climb so high until I couldn't go any further. It was a safe haven for me; nothing and or no one could touch me up there. I was free and at peace. I loved sitting for hours up in trees, looking down, looking up, looking at the birds. Sometimes I think about climbing a tree and sitting up there now, but not sure I have the energy or the flexibility like I did as a kid, lol. Maybe one of these days I'll give it a try. I don't recommend climbing pine trees as the sap never seems to come completely off even though you've scrubbed your hands a million times. Though the scent is nice.
   I'm being surrounded by dragonflies today. They seem to always migrate towards me, kinda cool until one lands on your nose and it makes you cross-eyed. 
   The clouds are puffy today, I'm seeing a puppy with perky ears and a cloud that looks like a heart.
   ...As I'm watching, the clouds have morphed into a lion and a...donkey? I think...if I turn my head, it changes, lol. 
   I kinda wish this workday would hurry up and be over with. Not really a day I care to be here dealing with customers. Still another 4 hours to go through, so I'll hike my britches and stick it out like a big gal, no other choice.