Do you ever sit and wonder how things were made? Just have random thoughts of things like how did someone come up with the first electronic device. Or put a recipe together. Or came up with language or music notes, etc.? How did making glass or mirrors come about? Or how the ideas of many things come about.

   I'm sure I can Google some things, duh, but sometimes I just sit and wonder about the very first person to come up with things. 

Like sitting here holding my phone typing. Have you ever opened up an electronic device to see all those tiny bits and pieces and wonder how the hell someone's mind created all of it to function?

   Or how a person who's studied weather came up with ways to predict the weather and storms. It's fascinating yet strange how a person's mind can work and come up with things, inventions.

   I wouldn't mind sitting in a room with someone who's mind is creative like that and watch how they come up with something. 

   When I was younger I used to like taking things apart just to see what it looked like. Didn't know what the hell anything was or how it'd work, but I'd still be fascinated by it.

Makes me think of a show I used to watch called How It's Made. It'd show things being made from food to furniture, to airplanes, motors, glass, you name it. Some of it was boring, but other things on there were pretty interesting.

   You ever think of how weird it is how we can watch live TV or just movies in general, how all those little connected pieces of wires and metal thingymajigs put together along with electric forms into people and images on a screen? The nerd in me is in wonder of how it all came together by a person or persons mind.

   Can you imagine what the first person to sit down to watch TV must of felt like or wonder what they must have been thinking? And how today, we've become so accustomed to it we watch without thought.

   I don't know, kinda fascinates me to think about it or the whole process of it...

   Then I'm thinking of how music was printed to play on records, cassettes and cd's and now everything's digital.

You don't really see CD's much. Definitely don't see cassettes anymore. Lol, I remember counting the seconds while rewinding a song to play again so I could stop it at the right moment just in time as the start of the song. Hearing that weird squealy sound as you're either rewinding or fast-forwarding. Or sitting by the radio waiting for your favorite song to play so you could press the record button, lol. Or the struggle of the tape player eating the film of your cassette tape and taking a pencil or whatever object you could find to wind the film back inside the tape, lol.

   It's strange to think about how much has changed and evolved from childhood into adulthood. 

   I'm actually grateful to of grew up in the time I did with no social media, no internet. If you wanted to talk to someone, you had to talk face to face. Which people who knows me would probably think of me saying that is odd cuz I'm not one to talk much, I tend to listen more, but nowadays you can sit in a room and watch 2 people texting each other without a word or a glance, other than a quick glance to see if the other person got their text, and that's a bit strange. 

    We're so distracted by electronics the day can pass by without even realizing it. You're on your phone watching things look up to see the time and by the time you look at the time again, it's hours later. 

   Think I might just stay off my phone for a while and only use it to text or call. Find something more productive to do other than be glued to videos on YouTube, Instagram and Tiktok, that app is addictive, lol. Don't know what I'm doing the next 2 days off of work, but I'll figure it out. 

   Just random thoughts and wonder tonight. Think I've written enough here. I tend to write a lot, lol. 

   Until next time. I hope you smile today...