Affirmations are an encouragement you give to yourself. To start your day off and end your day with yourself and positive encouragement. This is one I tell myself each day.

  I cut all ties that bind me to negative thoughts, feelings and people. I'm mine and I'm free!

   Another is,

   I am worthy of love, friendship and beauty. I let no one hold me down nor chase anyone for their company. My time and my heart are valuable and I will not settle for less than my worth.

   It may sound silly to some, but I've spent many years settling for less and I don't intend on settling moving forward. I know what I want and I'm not backing down or sitting around waiting for it to come my way. Although I will never chase, I won't let it pass me by or slip because of fear or doubt.

   The thing with life is we can want something so much that we blind ourselves, like a horse with those blinders on only seeing one direction. We lose sight of what's around us because our focus is centered and we're set in our ways.

   I'm probably making no sense here, but I think life shouldn't be a car race to get to where we're going or to grasp our desires, I think it should be a steady walk through open fields. Let be what be.

   Life is short, time is fast. No rewinds, no fast-forwards, just right now. 

   I can picture the future and what I would like it to be, but I'm here in the now and letting life flow as it should. I chase nothing and no one. I think it's more freeing that way. You let be what be. Not to say there's not going to be disappointments or hurt, but I think if we get so caught up in trying to grasp it all, we lose balance and fall harder. 

   I will hold on, but I will pull back when needed. Balance and freewill. 

   Like in nature, a seed cannot bloom before its time, but its bloom can die before its time. It is to be properly nourished, cared for, loved in order to grow and sustain life. We are a part of nature, the same goes for us and our being. What is it we are nourishing ourselves and others with? Pollution or fresh air?

    My thoughts are all mixed today, but it's what I'm thinking...