I found myself at a loss tonight. Those days you feel low and the past memories sneak up on you and punch you in the face as well as current situations.

      I laid outside and stared up at the moon and stars for the longest time and lost myself in overthinking. Then I decided to get up and take charge of my thoughts.

      Of course there's no changing the past. You can't erase what you've done nor can you bring anyone back from the dead. But sometimes you miss people and sometimes it wraps around your heart and squeezes the breath out of you.

      We all have those days when we're not our best selves and that's ok because tomorrow is a new day.

      My past is what led me here and my present is what will lead me to my future. That is for all of us.

      I like to keep a positive mindset, but sometimes I fail myself in that. But the point is, it's ok to sink at times, as long as you pull yourself back up out of the deep dark waters of drowning.

      Sometimes things and people get to me, but in those days, like today, you have to get out your emotions so you can move on.

      Today is about finding the beauty in everything and everyone. By seeing all the good in life and letting that motivate you to reorganize yourself in order to proceed positively. 

      Appreciate the journey, appreciate life and value the time you do or did have with those you care about instead of focusing on what isn't or wasn't.

      Be kind, stay positive.