Have you ever sat and listened to multiple motivational videos or podcasts for inspiration? I enjoy listening to them and watching them because even though we can be empowered ourselves, I find there is always something new to learn and be empowered by others P.O.V.

   There's a quote I really liked, 

   "We would rather stay in a comfortable pain than go seek an unfamiliar peace."

   It's true a lot of times because we do get so comfortable in that cycle that we keep ourselves from moving forward and we just repeat. We hold onto people because it's comfortable, because we don't want to let go; maybe in fear of hurting others, but I think also a fear of hurting ourselves in the process.

  Change is inevitable, but changes are on us and if we want positive change, we must be the ones to do it ourselves. No one can change us unless we allow it nor can we change anyone else, only they can do that.

   People will be who they are and the disappointment is because we hold them to our expectations of what we want, need or and hope for. 

   There was something else I liked and agreed on in a video I watched. We want change and healing, but if we're standing in fire when we don't want to get burned, yet make no effort to remove ourselves from the fire, we will continue to burn. It's very true! I think sometimes we stand in fire burning for others along with ourselves.

   A lot of the videos I enjoy are the ones talking about self worth and finding your truth. On days I feel down, it reminds me and motivates me to get my ass up and reevaluate my thinking and actions.

   It took a long while to love myself because I was too busy trying to please everyone else and be what others wanted me to be. Like I've mentioned in another post, I've been doing some serious inner work and it's paying off. I look in the mirror and I love myself and know my worth. And I think that's important for each of us to love ourselves. When you love yourself and know your worth, you are more likely to create positive changes around you and not settle for anyone's bullshit. I am fine alone, I don't need anyone to complete me to be happy, but I welcome love and friendship in my life.

   The thing is, if you're complete on your own then you don't depend on anyone for your happiness or to fill a void or loneliness because you're not lonely. 

   Of course the term is used, being lonely, or feeling lonely, but it's more in a sense of wanting company, but not needing it. If that makes sense. I'm more than fine being alone because alone doesn't necessarily mean lonely.

    I also used to be hurt deeply when people would leave me behind. I used to question what was wrong with me, what did I do wrong, etc., but that was because I wasn't happy or loved myself enough that I created that atmosphere of loss for myself. Thing is, people come and go, but when people depart, unless you're being an inconsiderate ass, it has nothing to do with you, but is about them. If people want to go, hold the door open for them and wish them happiness then go about your life. Not saying it won't hurt, but you have to be able to find balance and peace within yourself.

   If you're always fearing the worst, then no doubt the worst will come. Life's about moving forward and not everyone will move forward with you in the same direction and that's ok. You have to be ok with you and your journey. Holding onto people creates a power over your life that will steal your peace. Especially if you were or are connected to people who are negative, that is a power that will control your life. If you're connected in the physical, you will stay connected emotionally and that will continue to control your life and even hold you back. First step is disconnecting physically so eventually emotionally, you'll disconnect and you will be able to move forward into a more positive life and relationships with others.

   Another thing I liked from a video is, 

"The fault is on the person that hurt you, but it's your responsibility to heal."

   It's completely true! No matter what people do to you, it's up to you to heal, it's up to you in how you react and how you're going to let situations and people affect your life. Are you going to let it affect you in a positive way or a negative way?   

   We are responsible for our own happiness. While people can bring happiness into our lives and bring us joy, it is us who must create a home for it and not depend on anyone to do it for us. In creating our own home of happiness we are able to share it with others.

   Sometimes I say, "you make me happy", but in truth it's , "you bring me happiness". 

   No one can "make" you happy, no one can "make" you do anything, that's your own actions, but we can "bring" happiness and joy and share it with others. 

   I've learned so much over the past couple of years. I've learned more about myself than I ever had and have grown with a more positive outlook on life and people.

   Yea, sometimes I want, need, but that's because I'm human, we're all human, but I always recheck myself and remind myself that I will never sacrifice my own happiness or self worth in order to have love and friendship in my life. I will never be anyone but myself and never sacrifice my truth and honesty to please another. I just don't feel we should bullshit around with other people nor ourselves.

   Although don't take that the wrong way, I'm there for people I care about no matter what! I will stay by the sides of those I love till the end of time as long as they want me to, but I won't feed myself to the wolves, if that makes sense.

   Practice self love each day, focus on healing within and forgiving others along with yourself. Find gratitude and appreciate the small things. Let go of what and or who doesn't help your growth or encourage you. Never dim your light for others. Shine in your beauty and your truth and go after what you want in life. Embrace peace and love in your days. Love, but don't let others take advantage of you. What you allow will continue, so will you allow destruction and the comfort of pain or will you allow joy, beauty, happiness and seek the unknown? Ask yourself each day, "What do I want in life? What am I doing to accomplish it? What am I allowing? What positive changes do I need to make for myself? How am I hindering myself? What do I need to do next?" etc.. Let nothing or no one hold you back, especially yourself.

   Live, love, laugh, be kind, be determined and disciplined.