Today hasn't been going any better than yesterday. Sucks ass. I'm just tired, stressed, aggravated.

   I wish I could take the day off. I've been shaky today and just trying to breathe and hoping I don't have an anxiety attack. Trying not to think about it. 

   I can't afford to miss any work, lose any hours, so I'm not, just gonna have to deal with it the best I can and get through today.

   I hate closing...

   Too bad I couldn't be put somewhere where I didn't have to deal with customers for today, but no chance on that.

   I feel like I'm complaining which I don't like, cuz I'm not one to complain, but I'm just overly stressed at the moment.

   My leg is starting to bother me again, damn sciatica. Probably need to make a Dr's apt, but I'm just tired of going to the Dr. 

   I hope the rest of the day goes better, I need some uplifting, I really do...

   Ugh, break times up, time to get back at itπŸ˜’.

   Until next time, smile for me...