Yep, it was one of those nights I couldn't sleep a wink. But, I enjoyed driving around a bit then sitting at the park looking at the willow trees and giggling at the ducks as they wobbled around.

   My thoughts were all over the place for a while, but I focused on the sounds of the ducks, the night crickets and the sounds around and it restored my peace.

   Nature has a gnarly way of doing that. And I was glad I forgot my ear buds so I had no choice but to just listen to nature's sounds.

   I love the park late at night when no one is there and there's no commotion of strangers interrupting. There's no noise of ongoing traffic, except for a few cars here and there, but it's pretty much slumber city. There's no blinding sun, just the night lights and the cool breeze here and there. Like I've said plenty of times, I love the night more than the day and the moon more than the sun.

   Although I couldn't see the moon because of clouds, it still was a beautiful night/morning to say the least.

   I sat and watched the breeze sway the branches of the willows. I love watching it, it's like a lover's dance amongst the winds, elegant, with grace and with effortless beauty.

   I admit, I felt the yern for an embrace, to share the moment of watching the willows dance, but I was content in the moment. 

   I was neither happy nor sad, just taking it in. 

   ...And hoping I wouldn't get dung bombed  by the many ducks that flew overhead, lol.

   Oh thy day, what shall ye be? Be it pleasantries or dung heaves, I will look upon thee & smile with glee!


I hope you smile today.