Today's been an ok day. Wasn't much fun getting out, lots of people out, gas stations had lines of people waiting to pump  gas and Walmart was crowded as usual. 

   Saw the weather and they're saying there's a Cat 4 hurricane supposed to hit Sunday. That's a pretty bad storm. Hopefully it moves fast...

   Bored at the moment, but don't really have the energy to do anything and still have a nagging headache. Part of me wants to go chill at the park, the other part of me is too lazy to drive, lol.

   And these hurricane phone alerts are driving me nuts. 

   It's dead quiet in my apartment at the moment and suddenly my phone sounds a loud emergency sound with a hurricane warning alert message making me jump about tossing my phone to the floor. 😐 Thank you weather people, I know after the 20th time already as well as thank you for the free at home heart evaluation test.

   I'm kinda just in a blah mood today and this evening. I'm dreading tomorrow and I miss my love 😒...

   ...I wish I could cuddle up to him right now, see his smile, caress his gorgeous face and feel his warmth, just feel him...

   "Underneath the same moon", he always says when we aren't laying next to each other... But he is my moon, my beautiful light and my god does he shine, does he glow, so beautiful, so exquisite, so extravagant, so radiant, so angelic, so heavenly... He's just pure beauty...

   I love him so much! And no one could ever tell me angels don't exist, because they do. To me, he's an angel, my earth angel with earth eyes so beautiful I get lost in them every time I look into them, yet found at the same time. His heart is beyond beautiful, beyond words. He takes my breath away.

   I find myself staring at him when he's not looking, I can't help myself, I'm memorized by him, in awe of him and he's so incredibly handsome that I'm just taking him in, every feature, every line, so perfect, so lovely. And I get caught looking at him, lol, he'll turn and see me staring, but I try not to get caught cuz I don't want to seem weird or annoying just staring at him, lol, and I don't constantly stare, lol, I just look over at him every now and then and just can't bring myself to look away.

   I have loved, but never so deeply as I love him. He is my heart and the only one I have ever felt home with.

   I think my heart knew when we first started talking before I even knew, that my heart belonged to him.

   ...I miss him right now, a lot...

   You know, he makes me feel like the luckiest woman in the world, to be loved by him, to be held by him, to be kissed by him, all if the above. He's amazing, such an incredible wonderful man and I love him so very much.🥰🥰🥰

      His eyes hold a world within them

      Of evergreens and autumn browns

      Of ocean shores that surrounds

      His perfect earth I'm looking in


      His lips that smile so perfectly

      That speak so sweet and tenderly

      His kiss that melts my centerpiece

      His embrace is where I'm most at peace

      So lovely does his heart beat

      Its lullaby easing me to sleep

      He's more beautiful than the sunrise

      Holds pure heaven on the inside

      He is love and he is beauty

      He is grace and he is heavenly

      He is courage and he is strength

      He is truth and he is purity

      He is the love that gives me wings

      I take flight as my heart sings

      He is my love he is my heart

      He is my home I don't wanna part.

   Not the best poem, but just what came to mind at the moment thinking of him.

   I guess I should find something to do, I've made this post long enough.

   Until next time, I hope you smile.