The sun is shining, but I don't care to feel it today. I want the rain, I welcome it along with the thunder. I'm craving to sit in it & close my eyes as I listen to its flow & feel its rundown on my skin, soaking me to the bone.
   I like the sun, but I've never been much for it. But the rain, the thunderstorms, it is a beauty of its own.
   You see, the rain isn't the sunshine nor is it the darkness, it is the in-between, the middle of darkness and light. The rain can be sad, yet it can be happy and nourishing. To feel it is to feel its pain and also to feel its joy. Its pain in the fact that the clouds bulge in large clumps as if hurt and or anger has built up and it's ready to be released.
And then there's its joy, the buildup of clouds ready to drop rain like a loving soul nourishing the earth of its thirst.
   I love the rain and I just want to feel it, like a lost lover caressing and kissing at my skin.