Life has a funny way of punching you in the gut. I ask for nothing in this life but to love and to be loved. Nothing else matters. Not the material things, not the time of day, not the location, nothing.

   Without love in this world, life is meaningless. Without love is a world in constant shadow. A sun that may shine but is dull and dim, a rain that falls but is utter darkness, a rainbow without colors, a spring bloom of wilted flowers and lifeless trees, a summer of burning earth, an autumn of gray, a winter of shards of ice and frozen waters. 

   That's why I'll never really quite understand how people can be happy surrounded by things, meaningless things, large homes, expensive cars, all that sorts. It's pointless if you go to what you would call a home surrounded by items yet no love. That's not a home. Home is love, love is home, and I want nothing more than to be home...

   Have you ever looked into someone's eyes and felt home? It's a beautiful feeling. It's heaven when love is shared and hearts beat in sync. The way a simple touch ignites your soul and a simple smile lifts you up as if you're floating up off the ground. 

   There are angels amongst this earth who touch your heart and soul and leave an imprint that can never be undone. 

   I love deeply and wholly. I will never apologize or hold back from that because it is my truth and it is me. 

And there's the saying or belief, whatever you want to call it, that we all have this purpose on earth, well, my purpose is to love and I do. I care for nothing else. I want nothing else. 

   Everything could burn to the ground, everything I own, this earth and I wouldn't care as long as love was present. That's just how I feel about things. I choose love over everything, even if down the road I get hurt. I will never regret loving, simple as that.

   As much as I love, being loved is a heaven of its own. It could be the darkest of nights, the darkest of days and feeling loved shines a light that even the heavens are jealous of. 

And I really don't know if there's a heaven after death, or a hell. To be honest I don't really believe in that sort of thing, "only the good go to heaven, the bad to hell." I think it's a full on crock of shit. I do believe in angels though. But I believe after death, there's no heaven or hell, we just all come together in the center, we're together with those we love and old friends. 

   My mind is all over the place. Hell, when isn't it. I'm just trying to find my smile today, which I know I will because there's angels on this earth and one who with just a simple glance, a simple smile and a simple touch brings a smile not only to my face, but in my heart. 

   To love is to live, to be loved or been loved is to of truly lived...

      ...I hope you smile today...