Today feels like it went by quickly. It was a good day. Spent time with my children who came to visit and enjoyed the day.

   Hoping to get to see and wrap my arms around the love of my life tonight, that would make my day complete

   Welcomed a new edition to the fur fam, a little hamster my eldest son's girlfriend gave to my daughter. Her cats are curious as ever to the little furry fat plush with beady lil eyes as one would expect them to be, lol.

   My youngest son spent the night and we heard the lil hamster who's name is Mochi running on her little hamster wheel off and on throughout the night, lol.

   He fell asleep snoring away on the sofa across from me while I didn't sleep much, maybe a few hours. Sleep hasn't been my friend lately, or should I say the dreams haven't and when I did fall asleep, the nightmares began.

   But I woke to a brighter day. Not a pleasant morning as I hate going to the dentist, but after that, the day was good.

   The evening's going ok, kinda bored at the moment and it's back to work bright and early at the crack of dawn tomorrow, or a little before. Not looking forward to it, but hey, bills gotta be paid and ya gotsta doos whats yas gotsta doos.

   Hopefully tomorrow will be an easy going day, no stress and no assholes to deal with. 🤞🤞

   I miss my love right now, hoping I get to see him tonight. We'll see how the night goes...

   My heart still races every time I see him 🥰 and every embrace has me turned to jello, lol.

   He sent me a selfie today and I was smiling ear to ear, my heart racing and I just wanted to reach in my phone and pull him out and squeeze him to me, lol. I love him so much.

   Was texting with my good friend who moved recently who said she'd be down to visit soon which I'm happy about cuz I miss her goofy ass. She loves to cook and started mentioning all the food she was thinking of cooking and she had my mouth drooling by the end of the food conversation, lol. She definitely knows how to cook a good meal and is always tryna feed me, lol. She's pretty awesome.

   Looking at the time and it's already after 9, geeze time flies. This year is flying. It's about to be August.

   ...Well, not much else to chat about, so I guess I'll go see what I can occupy myself with.

   Until next time, I hope you smile.