I love the night, so much more than the day. I love the peacefulness. The day seems so crowded full of strangers creating noise of things they have to do, places they have to go.

   Work was extremely busy yesterday. Kind of one of those days where you had enough of people's bullshit and you just wanted to get away from their noise, their madness.

   The moon is bright and I'm staring at this beautiful oak tree outside. God do I love trees. You can't see the vibrant colors at night as you do in the day, but the shadows around it and the hints of green lit up by the moonlight and streetlights shine a whole new beauty.

   A very good friend of mine said a few days ago that he never saw a dead oak. Never thought about it till he said it, but come to think of it, neither have I. Just goes to show the resilience these trees have. 

   But trees are awesome. I could stare at them for hours and no tree is alike. They stand tall no matter what chaos of the world throws at them. The wildest most destructive storms can pass through and although they may come through it with a few broken branches, they still stand tall.

   I'm inspired by nature and by people. I'm inspired by people who're like trees, weathered the biggest storms yet stand tall ready to start another day.

   Sometimes I want to walk for a while at night, but sucks that I can't because you really don't know what kind of nutters that's out in this world. But, I appreciate sitting in place underneath the moon. 

...I appreciate life.

   Even amongst the chaos, I had a good day. I dealt with angry people, strangers and people I know who like to spew their bullshit, but I didn't let it affect me. I chose to embrace the good in the day and those who make me smile.

You have to though. The moment you let people get to you is the moment your day goes downhill and you lose focus on the good. I chose to focus only on the good today. My whole mindset was the negative people can shove it, I don't care who you are. You gotta just laugh it off and kill thier negativity with kindness. I really don't care or have time to argue.

   Conversation is key. People want to yell and talk, but never listen. That's why things never get solved, never conclude peace. You don't always have to agree with people, but you must listen and take in each other's point of view and agree to disagree.

   Indeed some people are just complete asses, but that's when you gotta smile and say have a nice day. And I hate the excuse of how one's life went, what they've dealt with gives them a reason to act bullshit towards others. We've all dealt with shit, but it doesn't mean we go around looking for people to inflict pain on. 

People can be too self absorbed and have no compassion or consideration for other people. It's a bit sad. It's like, really people, you really want to spend your life in a negative cloud apon others. Nah, you can keep that. I hope those people find peace and happiness within themselves. There's no point in it. There's too much good to be a sourpuss.

   I'd rather spend my days loving and if possible making people smile.

Not to say things never get to me because they do, I have my off days. We're only human. But, like I've mentioned, you refocus on the good. You appreciate your journey, how far you've come, how you've grown as a person and the good people in your life.

   That's why I love the moon. It shines through the darkness and the moon has moments of shadow, yet comes back to shine again. 

   That's why I love the trees, not only are they breathtakingly beautiful, they stand through storms, through light and through darkness...

   Tonight I smile at the thought of those who make me smile, who show me love, who brighten my life.

   Those people I love and care deeply about may never realize how much beauty they bring into my life and how much I appreciate them. When I tell those I love that I love them, I hope they know just how much, feel just how much because my love is deep and they mean the world to me.

   I hope I brighten their lives as much as they do mine...

   And if they only knew how when the days I have that I feel down and empty, how they fill me up with just their simple smile and hello, how they lift me up. 

   You don't need a ton of friends or a big family, all you need is one person who looks at you genuinely and smile. I have five people in my life who do, my three kids, a good friend and a very good friend who make life complete. I appreciate them more than they realize.

   As the night is turning to day, I'll start the day on a positive note. I'll hold on to their smiles, their laughter, their embraces, their love and hold it dear to my heart. Whatever negativity the day throws at me, they'll be my light, my inspiration, my joy, my motivation, my smile, my heartbeat. 

   I hope you smile today. And if you find yourself feeling the heaviness of life, remember how tall the trees stand. Remember the good people in life who bring you love and smiles. Think of the moon and how it shines and put to rest the heaviness of yesterday...