Hmm, maybe I got a little more on my mind today than I thought...
   We're all a little judgemental sometimes and whoever says they're not or haven't been is a damn liar.
   I'm gonna admit I have been lately towards a coworker, not out loud, but although this person doesn't do what they're supposed to do, something in her eyes today had me taken back a bit. The young perky self she is wasn't there today and it bothers me.
   Of course I get frustrated when I'm in charge and I'm responsible for those who are supposed to be following what they're supposed to be doing and don't, it's made me judge her in a way that she doesn't care and today I just caught myself on it, that maybe I need to look deeper into why she doesn't always follow the rules.
   Of course in my mind it's because she's young, hell I was young, lol, I get it. But, just seeing the sadness in her eyes today bothered me. I don't like seeing anyone sad. I want to ask, but then again, I'm not one to pry into anyone's business. I respect people's privacy.
   Just has me sitting here on my break thinking about how we look at people, how we're so quick to judge...
   Everyone has shit going on in their lives, big or small, but something and most people wear their masks to the world holding themselves together because that's all they know how to do or that's their determination not to get sucked down by whatever bullshit in life is pounding away at them.
   We really don't know what people are going through and maybe we should be a little more understanding, thoughtful and kinder to each other. At least it's how I feel.
   I mean there's no excuse for someone acting an asshole towards another, but for those of us living our everyday lives, just be a little kinder and less judgemental.
   I don't know if I can make her smile before my shift is over today, but I'm damn sure gonna try. It may not take the weight of whatever is going on at the moment in her life, but maybe she'll have at least a smile today.
   I really don't like to see anyone sad. 
   Smiles are beautiful, young, old, they're just beautiful because in that moment, there's a bit of happiness shared, a bit of light and everyone deserves the light, everyone deserves to smile...
   Break time's up.
   Until next time, not only do I hope you smile, I hope you share a smile...