Simple question to ask yourself. What are you grateful for today?

   For me, I'm grateful for all the good people in my life who share love, compassion and kindness. Who accepts me for me and doesn't ask or try to mold me into their expectations. I'm grateful for their smiles, their views on life, their very being.

   But I'm also grateful for the not so good people as you can't have the good without the bad in life. I'm grateful for the lessons and growth I've learned. 

   I appreciate life, even when some days feel heavy, I'm grateful. 

   I'm grateful, thankful for many things. But I think the point of this post is to find the beauty in life because it's all around and so are beautiful souls. Take nothing and no one for granted. Tell those you care and love that you appreciate them. Say a simple hello or give a hug. Send a simple text or write a nice note. The little things matter, simplicity can be the most beautiful of all.

   I hope whoever reads this smiles today.