It's been a while since I've posted anything here...
   It's been raining the past few days, but I love the rain. Yesterday I sat out during my lunch break and felt the cold seep in my skin. I can't stand the cold, but I wanted to feel the cold rain, the cold in the air. Sometimes it makes you feel alive, wakes you up in a sense.
   Yesterday I smiled, for reasons and then for no reason at all. I just sat thinking about life and just my appreciation for it. Ups, downs, pains, happiness, loss, gain, just everything. I thought about the people in my life and the people I've lost and just sat with appreciation.
   Tomorrow is never guaranteed; we could breathe our last breath in the second of a day. So why do we let ourselves drown in our troubles when we should be striving for life, for living? We take for granted sometimes without even realizing it of all the good that still remains. I don't want to do that, none of us should. But indeed we are all human and life can hit us hard.
   I've seen death just as much as life and I take it all in, then release what is no longer needed.
   ...And the world, it's filled with so much drama, especially people who want to instill drama, hurt, pain and hate in us. But it's important to remember those who bring us kindness, compassion and love. It's important that we in ourselves live our lives in passion, kindness and love.
   What world are we creating for ourselves? What has life taught us? That bad things happen? Hell yea, bad things will always happen, negative people will continue to try to suck the life out of us because they prey on kindness and love and light, even if they don't see it themselves.
   But, you know what? It is us who must decide to let bad experiences and negative people to take us down. No matter what happens in life, we are responsible for our own actions and our own happiness. We let ourselves down when we let the world change us for the worst. It is us who must refocus on what we do have than what we don't have.
   I spoke with a customer at work yesterday sitting outside on my break. He was old and it looked like life aged him far more than he was. He asked me, "It's a nice day isn't it?'. I looked at him as he smiled waiting for his ride to pick him up from under a canopy area. He continued to talk, "Most people don't like the rain. Do you like the rain?" I replied, "I actually enjoy the rain."
He went on, "I enjoy it too. I've lived a long life, I'm a veteran, I've seen a lot of things, but I woke another day and if it rains, it's still a nice day."
His ride pulled up at that moment and he turned and looked at me, "You're a beautiful young lady, beautiful eyes that hasn't seen the best part of life yet. Never get discouraged by the rain. Trust me, I'm an old man. You have a blessed day." Then he got into the car and left.
   I don't know why, but at times I think we're in places at the right time for a reason and yesterday I felt I was just to meet that man. I regret never asking his name, but I got up from my break appreciating life even more.
   There's no guarantee we'll live till old age. Many die young. But it makes me think of tomorrow and living and loving as much as I can...
      ...I hope whoever reads this smiles today. Be kind, you never know who's heart you'll touch and the smiles you can bring...