There was a lonely sun & a lonely moon that danced the earth on Mother Nature's time. When the sun rested, the moon danced the earth & when the moon rested the sun would rise to dance. As they danced alone to nature's song, they felt so very alone. Until one night when the moon danced too long & the sun started to rise.
As the moon continued to dance, the sun watched as his rays made her glow. And it was then that the sun fell in luv with the moon. He smiled his bright rays & began to dance towards her. The warmth of luv & happiness made him shine brighter than ever before. She was startled as she twirled to a stop to see him dancing towards her. Her eyes widened as she felt herself glow. Then she smiled at his beauty & started to dance towards him. It was then that the moon fell in luv with the sun.
They danced around each other as night & day spun through earth's sky & just as they were about to touch, Mother Nature stepped in.
"Sun & Moon cannot be together, as Sun will burn Moon to ash & Sun would cry his fire out. Shall so that the earth would die & all life would be lost."
Sun & Moon frowned, but understood.
So now, as one sets & the other rises, they dance together for a short time on the opposite sides of the earth until their time is to rise or set.
So when u see the moon glow so bright at night, that is the leftover sunlight kept by the luv of the moon. And when the sun is shining so bright, it is the love from the moon that shines the sun's light.