Love Between Heaven & Hell

    "You want me here, but you know nothing of what I am. I'm not good, Ariana. Deep down inside, is a darkness I can't control... I don't want to hurt you." Liam put his palm to her soaked cheek. "I couldn't cope."

    Her eyes met his. "There's a darkness in all of us, Liam. Our choices are our own." She placed her hand on his chest. "What does your heart choose?"


Love Between Heaven & Hell

      I have been working on this book for a few years now. It is my love, my joy and when I am finished I hope you all will enjoy stepping into the lives of these characters, Ariana and Liam. I will tell you a little about them here and their story.

      It starts out with Ariana's mother and father. Her father, Myan, is an angel who comes to Earth to collect the souls of dying children and bring them to Heaven. During his duty he falls in love with a human and not just any human, a witch named Rose. Against the rules a child is created, Ariana. When Myan returns to Heaven, God is waiting for him. An angel was to never lay with a human and now a child is born, a child with angel's blood and that of a witch. And though God forgave Myan, it was sure to bring trouble, for this child is all the Devil needed to open the Heaven and create a war like non other, a war that could destroy Heaven. As soon as Ariana grew into her powers, he had his chance.

      It wasn't long before the devil, Lucifer, found out of the child. Here was his chance. An angel of Hell could not enter Heaven, but an angel of Heaven could and an angel with power could defeat God with a single drop of her blood ingested in him. Now all he needed was to convince this child to turn to his side once she grown into her powers fully. But there was only one problem. Hell's dark angels are only allowed to walk on Earth long enough to collect the dark souls. But this didn't stop him. Lucifer sent his son, Radon, to impregnate a dark witch. This child would grow into his or her powers, befriend Ariana, convince her to stray from Heaven's light and give in to the darkness. The child born is Liam. Lucifer's greatly happy for this, for now Liam can gain the love of Ariana to use against her.

      Through Liam's mission of gaining Ariana's love, he falls in love with her which was never meant to of happened. Now both Ariana and Liam are trying to convince the other to join sides. See not only can Ariana's power be used by Lucifer to defeat Heaven and take over, God can use Liam's power to defeat Hell and forever close the gates. Either way a war will begin and it will depend on Liam and Ariana on the path they choose. Will Ariana give into the darkness or will Liam give into the light?

      This story brings something for everyone. It has passion, love, romance, adventure, action, ghosts and witchcraft. You'll wonder about these characters and what will happen to them. They will pull you both ways, towards the dark side and towards the light side. It is truly a Love Between Heaven and Hell.