Writing Process

      I've decided to add a new blog section for the writing process and to share as I progress into the writing world. 

Over the years I've been building my craft and learning as much as possible to become a successful writer and to jump aboard the author train. I've had plenty of ideas with stories and have written a ton of them in the piles of notebooks I have cluttered about. Some are total crap and some I'm happy with and I'm proud of everything I've written, even the crap stuff because it means I continued to write even during my self doubt.

The process though has been a long one and not easy. I've been wanting to put out my work for years, but honestly, I'm so happy that I didn't just throw something out there and have it suck balls because I was in such a rush for someone to read my stories. There's a lot I didn't know about writing as well as the process and options before that I'm learning about now.

For those who have been following my website, twitter or instagram and seeing me post about 'Love Between Heaven and Hell' and 'Love and War', have probably thought I've given up and will never get it out. Truth is, no, I haven't given up, but like I said, I'm not going to just throw something out there I feel isn't ready. And what I've been learning is that sometimes you have to put a story aside for a while before coming back to it to see if it still makes sense or if you feel changes need to be made. So that's what I've been doing.

There's also learning about the publishing process; from self publishing to traditional publishing and I'm still learning and deciding which is best for me as a writer.

I've also been learning a lot from authors sharing their experiences on YouTube and their websites and I'm thankful for those authors who share because it helps us writers get a better insight. 

As the years pass, I've been redirecting myself and as with many of us in life, we suffer loss, depression, questioning self worth and even sometimes start to believe the people in life who belittle us. The hardest thing in life is finding balance in the chaos of life and not giving up on dreams even if it seems hopeless. Hope is a lifeboat. It's our passions that drive us and as long as we strive to do what we love, we haven't lost the battle. It can also be a struggle when no one has your back and you're doing things on your own and the dementors will try to suck the life out of you when you're feeling vulnerable, but it's in those times you have to turn around and punch that bugger in the face and tell yourself you've got this. It's awesome to have good people in your life, but even if you don't, it's learning that you don't need others to be successful, all you need is passion, love and never giving up.

I'll be posting from time to time to update my writing process and my experiences as I hope it helps all of us writers connect with the ups and downs in getting our stories out and the publishing process.