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Silence of the Dead

April 17, 2019

There's a dirt road in front of me
A storm brewing ahead I see
A million thoughts inside my head
So many things I should of said

I feel broken a little every day
Should of woken in the silence of the dead
But I lost my way
I lost my way
Lost my way, tell me it's gonna be okay
Will it ever be okay?

Okay, okay?

It's a heavy feeling on my shoulders
Tryna keep a straight face, don't fall under
Walking on this dark road alone
I wish this heart would turn to stone

I feel broken a little every day
Should of woken in the silence of the dead
But I lost my way
I lost my way
Lost my way, tell me it's gonna be okay
Will it ever be okay?

Okay, okay?

Tell me it's gonna be okay
Hold me until it's all okay
Okay, okay?

I'm walking in the silence of the dead
It's in this place I should've spoken
And I should of woken
But I lost my way, I lost my way
Will it ever be okay, okay?

I feel broken a little every day
Should of woken in the silence of the dead
But I lost my way
I lost my way
Lost my way, tell me it's gonna be okay
Will it ever be okay?

I'm here lost in the silence of the dead
I should of spoken
But I'm broken


Summer Love

March 31, 2019

Fireflies in the willows
Flowers in the meadows
Up above the stars glow
As the moon says hello

Crickets putting on a music show
Frogs echoing their croaks
Night birds singing along
A perfect night for a stroll

This is summer love
Walking in summer love
Hold me close and don't let go
Of your summer love
Summer love
This is summer love
Summer love
Oh, summer love

Clovers beneath my feet
Feeling the summer breeze
Puts my soul at ease
Nature is so free

It's among the trees
In every shade of gree...

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If I Could Call Heaven

March 30, 2019

Sometimes I stay awake all night
Staring at the stars wondering why
Heaven seems to take you all away
While I'm here struggling to stay
I know I try to appear strong
But the world doesn't know my pain
No one cares to know what's wrong
Better if they all stay away

If I could call heaven
I'd tell all of you how much I miss you
That I'm sorry loving me was a curse
If I could call heaven
I'd tell all of you, you were my blessing
That loving me was the worst
I'm sorry I was your curse
But I wish ...

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Ready for War

March 3, 2019
Break my bones
Contort me into your physical expectations
Does it make you happy
To of had me as a perfect clone
Cut off my conversations
Sentence me to damnation
Beat me down until I've lost me
Make me believe I'm alone

When the blood hits the wall
The devil will come to me
When I've believed I've failed it all
When I feel God doesn't hear my call
He will come to me
Only to watch me fall

Now that I've hit the ground 
There's no deeper I can go
I will find a way out
Pick myself up and go
I've prepared for this...

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Balloon in the Sky

March 1, 2019
There's a balloon in the sky
It's hope taking flight
When nothing's going right
Just grab on, hold tight
Let it take you high
Leave your troubles behind 
Fly with the balloon in the sky
It'll be alright 

Funny how the world spins
A million heartbreaks still pushing ahead
A million thoughts running in everyone's head
And when the lights dim
How many are lonely in their beds
Just taking it all in
Feeling they'll never win
Believing they're hopeless like they're already dead
Don't let the whispers cloud your he...

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Blame is on Me

January 27, 2019

If I disappeared
Would it make you happy
If I emptied my breath
It'd be easy to forget me
My presence has made it clear
My residence was the mistake I feared 

It's as if this storm was never meant to pass
All the things I've felt inside have shattered like glass
How did it come to this, I've fought for so long
I blame myself for all that went wrong
So I'll burn here at the stake 
While everything breaks

I was blinded by the greed of my heart
While my miseries tore me apart
I blame myself for never being en...

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A War of Fire and Ice

January 14, 2019

I feel winter on my skin
The ice on my bones
I feel the coldness within
As I take the throne
I've come to win
Build warriors of stone
We die before we live
I've learned and I've grown

The fire leaps to burn
The souls made into ice
The ice takes its turn
A war of fire and ice
Watch the cities go down
While the warriors claim the grounds
A war of fire and ice
Vengeance will take us down

Innocence won't be spared
As if anyone could care
Watch the cities burn
Do we ever learn
And when the war i...

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Ungodly Place

December 22, 2018

Hear me now, hear my prayer

Are you there, are you really there

Are the stories, your stories full of lies

Are you real, or am I wasted in unheard cries

I'm losing myself in the forbidden forest

(The Lord is my shepherd-)

Running to catch up to you

(- I shall not want-)

All I've found here is the darkness

(- He maketh me to lie down in green pastures-)

And I'm losing my faith in finding you

(- He leadeth me beside still waters-)

Do you hear all the broken calls

Because you don't speak at all

Falling in a ...

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Sinister Land

December 11, 2018

Silence while the shadows speak
Singing their lullaby all the while I sleep
It's the comfort in their sinister hold
It's as if I am theirs to bleed
Bleeding out into the cold
Here I am losing control

I don't mind, won't you take me
Into your sinister land
All the while the world breaks me
Just hold out your hand
Here I am, come and take me
Into your sinister land
All the while the world forgets me
Take me here where I stand

Darkness comes to tuck me in
Holding me as the nightmares begin
It's ...

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I Will Rise

December 11, 2018

Here's the rest of my heart
Watch the pieces fall through your fingers
I knew we'd never get far
Your foul superior still lingers
And here I'm lost where to start
These years have taken me apart
I'm starting to see myself clearer
I won't be branded inferior

Hold me down till my bones crack a new breath
I don't trust anyone to love me anymore
I won't fear the wars that sentence my death
I won't breathe for you anymore
Bury me down
Bury me down
Watch me rise
I will rise
Bury me down
Bury me ...

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