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No Ordinary Day

February 11, 2018
I burnt my breakfast again this morning
Watched my toaster ignite in flames
Outside the rain is pouring 
There's no ignoring
This'll be no ordinary day

My car died on the way to work
I cursed watching it roll into a ditch
After getting rearended by a jerk
My blood is boiling 
This is no ordinary day

I split my jeans as I tripped down the stairs
Now the world can see my striped underwear
Life at times doesn't seem fair
There's no denying 
This is no ordinary day

I came home to dog shit on the floor
Didn't realize till my foot felt the warmth 
Don't think I can take much more
I feel like crying 
This is no ordinary day

A pipe broke halfway through my shower
Soap's burning my eyes it figures
This days been such a downer
I should be praying 
This is no ordinary day

My head to the pillow I try and sleep
Until my bed frame breaks onto the floor
I laugh until I weep
All this is disgusting 
This was no ordinary day


February 11, 2018
Sometimes it gets cold in the summer
And the weight of the world pulls me under
Sometimes I need to know I'm not alone 
No, words aren't enough I need to be shown
But I'll manage on my own

And maybe it was the demons
That stood by my side
When no one else did
Keeping me alive
When I should've died 
And maybe I needed to believe in
A love harvested inside
Somehow I'll find a way to survive 
I always do oh, and I don't know why
These demons have become a friend of mine
But I'll always survive 

Sometimes my sou...

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February 11, 2018
Some days I just need to get away
Roll down the windows in my car
Turn the radio up and drive away
Don't know where I'm going or how far
But I could drive for miles and miles and miles

Some days I just want to get away
Put on my running shoes, earbuds in
Leave out the door and run away
Don't know where I'm going or how far
But I could run for miles and miles and miles

Don't care where I'm going
I'm just going
For miles and miles and miles 

Some days I just need to get away
From all the thoughts in my head

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February 11, 2018
There's a nameless street 
With an old house at the end
 It stands alone in defeat 
Once loved now condemned 
It's as if our souls couldn't win
Yet we were somehow meant to meet

I see you standing there but you're not
I feel your pain but I can't comfort air
Oh this just isn't fair
It's as if I'm dying while I'm still alive
You're an angel in the light 
A devil in the night
A ghost in my sight 
It just isn't fair
It isn't right
Am I losing my mind

Within this broken floor
I found your letters 
You craved a lov...

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The Reaper

September 28, 2017
I think I've held my breath for too long
I think I've relied on faith maybe I'm wrong 
This whole house is crumbling down
I'm falling into this decaying ground

That's when I heard the reaper calling 
In the graveyard where I'd been crying 
He said I'll ease your pain just give me your soul
Only then can I take you home

I hoped I'd find relief in the living 
I hoped I'd find peace in giving 
Only demons stood by when no one else did
Any warmth for this soul God forbid
That's when I heard the reaper calli...

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I Need to Know

September 20, 2017
Hello empty casket, are you waiting for me
It's been so long since I've felt alive
I've spent my life drinking life's poison tea
Society doesn't really care if I survive 

Hello judgmental world, tell me if I'm wrong 
If love is supposed to cure us all
Why does the hatred go on for so long
I've never felt I mattered at all

If today ends how will you remember me
I need to know
That my existence made you smile at least
That I was good enough just being me
I need to know 
I need to know 
I need to know 
That so...

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My Love is a Curse

June 25, 2017
Haunted by the lullaby in the waves
Your eyes lingering in the sky
I'm trying to push it all away
I can't let this heart feel again
Bring on this hurricane let me fade

Let the winds blow
Let the rain fall
Take me where I stand
I have to let go
It's best for all
Take me from this land

Cause if I love you
I'll only break you
I'll only hurt you
My love is a curse
It's best I spare you
I can't let myself love you
Or let you love me

Haunted by the poetry of your soul
I can hear your voice in the winds
Deafen these so...

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Maybe It's Meant To Be This Way

June 25, 2017
I've come to the conclusion 
That I'm meant to walk alone
I've let go of the illusion 
Not everyone finds home
But it's ok, I'll be ok
Maybe it's meant to be this way

Some people are meant to fly
While others ill fatedly survive 
Maybe it's meant to be this way
Fighting a pain that always stays
We're all a little broken
But maybe it's meant to be this way

Tears travel farther than feet
It's just a reality we must face
Some of us will never feel relief 
Yearning for a comforting place
Solitude makes me wanna ...

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If Heaven Could Wait

May 27, 2017
Another flower petal picked up by the breeze 
Flying, hoping, soaring hungry for life
Dying without the stem of a body to keep 
Swearing love of a silent heartbeat never dies

If only heaven could wait a little longer
But the labor in your breathing says no
Pretending I'm stronger makes it harder
I don't wanna let you go, I don't 
I'll feel a little dead when you go home
Oh if heaven could wait a little longer
If heaven could wait a little longer

Another sunset sitting by your barred bed
Hoping, wishing, ...

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Paper Sailboat

April 1, 2017
Typical moonlight kissing river waves
Tell me what your insides crave
It's in the way everyone behaves
Like nothing really matters 
Is there anything left to say
I wonder
Will it be too late
You'll never ask me to stay

Hold on tight, the waves are creeping in
I'm just standing here in the sand waiting 
For the reasons, not to sail away
And I'm bleeding but breathing 
And I'm dreaming believing 
Just a fool in a paper sailboat 
Ready to sail away
Keep breathing

Typical thunder my aching hunger
The skies don't ...

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