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Your Way Home

October 5, 2019
Take me back to the time
Your smile was the light
Where your love held me tight
When everything was alright
And you were there
In my state of repair

Take me back to the time
Where love was an everlasting sign
That everything would be fine
No matter the drowning times
Yes, everything was alright 
When you were there
In my state of repair

Now the dirt covers your bones
But you've found your way home
In my uneasiness to let go
I know you've found your way home
You've found your way home

Follow me down the Tennessee roads
With the music loud windows down
Feeling the wind at my crown
I'm ok repairing on my own
But I'll seek you in the clouds
And know you're still around 

Even though the dirt covers your bones
I know you've found your way home
In my uneasiness to let go
I know you've found your way home
You've found your way home

So I'll let go cause I know
You've found your way home
You've found your way home
And I'm not really here alone
Because a body isn't really a home
Your love was always the home

Oh the dirt may cover your bones
But it was a soul in a temporary home
I'm ok to let it go
You've found your way home 
You've found your way home

You're way home

Possess Me

September 14, 2019
You slip into my thoughts 
Like a snake ready to strike
If only I could make it stop
But maybe I'm liking the high
That little tingle up my thigh
The passion is running hot
You've stolen me inside

Can I keep you here a little longer
Embrace the sin a little stronger
You've already possessed me
Baby you're inside of me
You didn't ask for this
I didn't want this
But I ache for you here
Don't leave me alone in here
I like the feeling you're giving me
Keep on possessing me 

You're the haunting in the night
The sta...

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Letting Go

September 12, 2019
It's been a long time coming
A reconciliation of my thinking
Of all the choices I've been making
Too far into fantasy anticipating 
Some sort of enlightening passionate lovin'
But I've been rolling in this heated oven
Burning in all my self destruction 
I can feel myself reawakening 
And I'm ready to take this new beginning

All that's been holding me down will go down
All of this that's been caging me in this fear
I'm letting go, letting go, letting go 
All who want to go can go
I'll hold the door, never ...

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You're Beautiful

August 30, 2019

You're looking into a mirror and questioning yourself
All those magazine covers making you doubt yourself
Don't you fall into the illusions of unrealistic perfection
It's all a misguided game of fantastic deception

You're beautiful just the way you are
Learn to love yourself for who you are
Embrace the lines and imperfections
That's what makes you who you are
You're beautiful just the way you are
The right person will love you for you are
All your imperfections make you beautiful

All of the...

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Fly High

August 29, 2019
You're listening to the wind
But you're hardly awake
Holding down fort caving within 
It doesn't matter the steps you take
If you're standing still in the same place

Go a little father into the water
Let the river wash you down
Feel the sun wake you from your slumber
I'll hold your hand if you're feeling doubt 

'Cause you can fly high if you want to
You can find the smile you lost somewhere
I'll be there anytime you're feeling fear
You don't have to hide what matters to you

Stretch your arms and fly like ...

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August 29, 2019
Funny little heart
Could easily be torn apart
But that's an inevitable fate
Floating in a delusional state

My mind is an endless train ride
Traveling the touristless cities inside
Some places hold no visible light
Every other place shows a bird in flight 

Come take a ride on the train of illusions
Inside the depths of my twisted mind
I guarantee you'll be left in confusion
You might even think me unkind
Question my sanity, sanity
I'm a little crazy, crazy
Lost in my fantasies, fantasies
Craving someone to l...

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Always You

August 29, 2019
Turn the lights out
Don't think
Turn the radio off
Don't listen
I don't want to be reminded of you
I don't want to feel myself falling for you

Close my eyes
Drift away
Don't question why
He's always on my mind
I don't want to be reminded of you
I don't want to feel myself falling for you

Drink some more wine
Go numb
Try to ease the mind
Don't think
I don't want to be reminded of you
I don't want to feel myself falling for you 

Cause you drift my mind like a lullaby
Soothing my soul like a heavenly light
And I'm ...

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Dance in the Rain

August 29, 2019
The clouds are darkening across the sky
The sounds of thunder in the distance 
I'll wait for the rain and I'll close my eyes
Wait for it to pour so I can finally dance

Let the rain wash the residue of the day
Let it kiss my skin like a newfound lover
Let the storms take me far away
To all the places I've yet to discover 

I want to dance
Dance with the rain
For when I can't 
Keep my thoughts of you at bay
I'll ask the storms to take me away
I want to dance 
Dance with the rain
Pretend it's you
Taking me with ...

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August 29, 2019
Why make things so complicated
These sunken hearts were never anticipated
Again dragging your feet across the linoleum foor
Pleading to a god you don't believe in anymore 
You found distractions in the outside world
While the weight of your burdens were making you sore
Carrying more than your back was meant for
You've become a goodwill donation

The levees are about to burst
The storms of life are taking you down
You can't swim so you're gonna drown
You haven't made it this far to die

You are braver than ...

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Hope I Make You Proud

August 24, 2019

It's the sunrise in the sky
That makes me find my smile
Remembering the good times
Keeps me going for awhile

Do you visit me down here
From your perfect heaven
I miss the laughter I used to hear
The wise words in my ear

I keep trying to be
Someone who makes you proud
I wish you were still around
I just want to make you proud
Do I make you proud
Of me

Our family was a disfunction
But you never left me out
Never saw me as a malfunction
Guided me through my self doubt

And I wish you were stil...

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